Season 1 episode 2 of of Teen Titans:Return.

Jinx and Kid Flash started dating.Then,Dr. Light,Mumbo,Overload,and Control Freak appeared.They fought and defeated them.Then,Plasmus,Johnny Rancid,Cinderblock,and Mad Mod appeared.They fought and defeated them too.Psimon appeared and the beaten villains rose up.Psimon took out Kid Flash and Jinx.Now,Psimon took Jinx and ran away with the villains.When Kid Flash woke up,Herald,Hot Spot,and Jericho are standing in front of him.He asked Herald to open a portal to where Psimon's base is.Herald opened the portal.Now,the four entered it.Hot Spot destroyed the door of Psimon's base.The three fights the villains while Kid Flash saves Jinx from Psimon.Herald jump kicks Mad Mod.Jericho possessed Control Freak and punched himself several times,then he goes out of Control Freak's body,defeating him.Hot Spot puts down Plasmus and Cinderblock.The villains fought back.Overload electrocuted the three.Kid Flash said he must hurry in freeing Jinx.Kid Flash uses super speed and pulls Psimon outside.The battle started outside.Jericho takes down Mumbo.Herald sends Overload to another dimension.Jericho takes down Dr. Light.Herald punches Johnny Rancid and knocks him down.Now,Kid Flash runs back to Psimon's base and he locked him outside.Psimon destroys the door the exact time Jinx is now free in the level 4 containment field.Jinx takes down Psimon easily.Now,Jinx and Kid Flash shared their first kiss.Now,the three others said goodbye.Jinx and Kid Flash walks away,holding each other's hands.