Vital statistics
Real Name Jade Draconia
Aliases Mistres Jade{By Slade, and other villains}
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Status Active
Alignment Herself
Likes Violence, Being with her sister, Blood, Ordering people around, Threatening, Her pride
Dislikes The Teen Titans, Raven, Her sister's actions
Place of Origin Vampdoria
Residence Jump City
Relatives Kali{Sister}, Queen of Vampdoria{Mother}
Allies Brotherhood of Evil, Every Villain, Slade
Enemies Raven, Teen Titans, Honorary Titans, Kali
Affiliations {{{Teams, Countries, or individuals}}}
Powers & Abilities
Powers Vampiric Abilities
Weaknesses Family, Kali, Pride and Honor
Equipment None
First Appearance The Undead? By Raven'sRage

"If you join me Kali, I promise not to do anything more to your friend."-Jade to Kali about Raven

Jade is one of the heirs to Vampdoria. She is very violent among her kind. She is manipulative, smart, and strong. Despite her actions, she loves Kali more than any sister could. Kai's actions anger her, but she constantly tries to just have a simple talk with Kali.


In chapter 3 of 'The Undead?', Jade was in the same outfit as Kali, but as the story progressed she mostly wore a hood and cloak. During the fight it changed to the royal armor (black and gold) of Vampdoria. Shoulder pads with a small cape that covered a sleeveless, turtle-neck shirt that stops at her stomach, a skirt, armored arms and legs, and specially designed feet armor, and her mother's crown.



Jade's personality comes from her mother. She is the most violent vampire in her mother's kingdom, and therefore all the vampires fear her, but still respect her at the same time. She loves to threaten, manipulate, and control people. She hates mortals, never trusts them, so every mortal that walks in her path becomes her meal. Dispite Jade's violent nature, she smiles, laughs, and is kind around her sister. When Kali started trusting the Titans, and not her, Jade was very angry. In result, Raven almost died.


Jade was the other twin daughter of Vampdoria's Queen. Her and Kali, trained, played, and grew up with each other. During the time her fangs started to grow, Jade became more violent to mortals and other vampires she didn't think was worth her time. Her mother loved Jade's violence, and gave Jade the responsiblitiy of taking care of and watching over Kali. Jade did as her mother asked, and protected Kali during the raid around the time they were eighteen. When they saw their mother die from a silver stake, Jade led Kali out of Vampdoria. She didn't noticed Kali being knocked out, and tooken away.

Jade searched for Kali, and found her in a small town. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Kali getting close to a human boy, and soon watched as Kali was being hunted by the townspeople. Jade followed Kali for years, and noticed Kali was headed toward Jump City, and decided to get there first. When she did though, the first person to run into her was Slade. (To be continued)

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