Jackra is a Commander in the Royal Army

Vital statistics
Real Name Jackra Hayrey
Aliases Dusk, Slayer, Demon rider.
Gender Male
Species Elven
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Fighting, Fia, Trepil
Dislikes Death of his allies, being away from Fia.
Place of Origin Latinyanda
Residence Front Lines
Relatives King (Uncle), Queen (Aunt)
Allies Royal Army, E.L.F.
Enemies Dark elves
Affiliations Royal Special Forces, Fae
Powers & Abilities
Powers Dark Dragon Magic
Weaknesses Light Dragon Magic, Dragon Toxin
Equipment Anti-Toxin vials. Blade shield.
First Appearance E.L.F.


Jackra is a fighter. He enjoys combat to the utmost. This can be found in almost any part of his life. Including his relationships. Jackra is also a leader capable of commanding the attention of all around him.


Jackra was raised in the court to fight against all enemies. He grew up alongside another mage known as Fia. The two would pretend to be fighters in the royal army fighting dark elves and dragons. At the age of 14 he did defeat his first dragon and gained new powers. At the same time he found a dragon egg and brought it home to raise. Fia named the newborn dragon Trepil. Trepil and Jackra became the second strongest Dragon Rider team in the Army. Since then Jackra is rarely home he is always out defending against Dark Elves. He has been to Earth on a few occasions. He finds it rather primitive.

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