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Vital statistics
Real Name Christina Fagen
Aliases Ivy
Gender Female
Species Vine Truilian
Status Alive
Alignment Strong
Likes Plants,vines,fruits and vegtibles.
Dislikes Mean people like Medulla.
Place of Origin φυτά
Residence Herosquad Tower
Relatives mom(name unknown),dad(name unknown) and her sister(Viny).
Allies The Silent One,Vestalia, and Baccus.
Enemies Medulla and Warmoger
Affiliations Herosquad
Powers & Abilities
Powers Plant Powers
Weaknesses Pollution
Equipment a teleportation plant(name a place and it will teleport you there)
First Appearance Herosqaud S.1 E.2

Traing Pain


She has the powers and the abilities to control plants. She can increase or decrease a plants grouth. She can make plants apear out from anywhere on free will. She can also "talk" to plants. She can do so by reading their emotions.

Physical Apearence

She is an african american with black mini-braids and brown eyes. She has a short green dress with long green boots above the knees. It's about the hight of Starfire's.


Befor Birth:Her perents started to raise The Silent One because her perents died then they hade Ivy.

Birth:Her perents raised both of them and became best of friends.

Childhood:They played with each other all the time. Eventaully they joined The Herosquad.

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