I'm Sent To Earth


I walked down to the king's room. The doors opened wide once I got closer to it.

"Galfore, you called for me?" I asked the king of Tamaran in our native language.

"Yes, Bluefire. I need you to do something for me. This is a very critical task that only you can handle," Galfore informed me.

"What is the task my lord?" I questioned the king. The king was worried at first, but he sighed and told me. As he told me, I was very terrifed of such task. It is like going into the home of the Gordanians.

"Are you sure about this your highness? Are you really sure you want me to do... that?" I again questioned him.

"Yes, she is still considered the heir to the throne. She must be protected. You know the language she speaks on Earth yes?"

"Yes. English I think it is. I will find her immediatly. I will leave in the next hour. Is that all?" I asked him before I left.

"That is all. You may leave. Would you like some esscorts to show you the way to Earth?" Galfore suggested.

"No, thank you. Too many of us may cause some trouble for the people on Earth," I told him.

"Very well if you instist. Good luck and be safe," Galfore told me and I left.

This is going to be the most dangerous task I have done for the kingdom of Tamaran.

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