I Tell Some Uneventful News


"you're my protector?" Starfire asked me.

"Galfore told me you might not believe this. Here's the official statement he wrote," I told her in Tamaranese. The rest of her commrads look at me funny.

"I spoke in our language. Don't look at me like that," I snapped at them in English and handed the papers to the princess. While Starfire read, her eyes grew wide.

"You must know the truth on why I am here. Your sister cannot be trusted with the throne after what she has done to you. And we cannot search for your brother even though many people like me have tried too." I told her solemly in Tamaranese. The princess's eyes started to water.

"Starfire? What's wrong? What did you do?" the one with the mask barked and pointed his staff at me.

"I just told her some uneventful news. I didn't kill her." I told the boy. Why must some humans be so immature?

"Lil' lady, I'm sorry about his behaivor. He's just over protective of Star." The robotic one told me.

"First of all, please don't call me 'lil' lady'. My name is Bluefire as I said before. Second, what's your connection to the princess? All of you!" I asked him.

"We're her friends!" The green one shouted gleefully.

"Friends? Yes I do know of the term."

"Star? hey, wanna go home?" The masked one asked the princess and the princess nodded. The masked man turned and looked at me. "Since this whole, protection things maybe true, you can come to the tower too. But only because you're here to protect Starfire."

"Whatever dude. I'm just here for her highness's safety." I told him.

"Dudette, you just took my word." The green one told me.

"DId not! Anyway, please tell me your names. I can't say 'green one' or 'masked one' forever. That will be annoying," I told them.

"My name's Robin. I'm the team leader of the group. We're respectfully called the Teen Titans." The masked one told me.

"I'm BeastBoy! The comedian of the group!" The green one informed me.

"Yeah right," The one in purple scoffed.

"What? I am! Raven!" BeastBoy angrily told the one in purple.

"I'm Cyborg, but you can call me Cy! i'm the mechanic in the group so I handle everything that has to do with technology!" The robotic man said.

"You already know my name since BeastBoy shouted it," The one called Raven said.

"And it looks like you already know Starfire. So let's get going to the tower," Robin commanded and we all went to the tower.

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