"I don't need help. What I need is for you to look over there."Hok

Hok the Honorable
Vital statistics
Real Name Hok
Aliases Prince Hok, Majesty
Gender Male
Species Human/Florambin
Status alive
Alignment Good
Likes fighting, swords, sharp things
Dislikes losing, evil
Place of Origin Florambo
Residence Florambo
Relatives Unknown
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Game Master
Affiliations Titans Intergalactic
Powers & Abilities
Powers Mind Control
Weaknesses Gets injured easily
Equipment Double Swords
First Appearance Titans Intergalactic (series)


Hok is 6 feet tall. He has purple hair and green eyes. Hok wears a blue jacket with a white undershirt. He has gray pants with blue shoes.


Hok was a Florambin Prince. He hated always being told what to do as a child. He wanted to take care of himself instead of being taken care of.  At the age of 12, he ran away from Florambo. He went to many different planets. He was attacked often. He learned how to be a great warrior. He started using swords in order to defend himself. He came to Earth after being notified by Fora'y.


Hok is cocky. He can be a very good friend sometimes. He likes to be alone. He also likes to do things himself.

Powers and Weapons

Mind Control

Hok can control people's minds by staring at them.

Double Swords

Hok's swords are almost as sharp as Tentay's Tessen Fans.

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