Frank is a 13 year old boy who is destined to inherit his family legacy


Frank Legend was born into what seemed to be an ordinary family. His mother, Rose, died because of an accident while on a trip with his father while he was five. Frank spent the rest of his years living with his older brother,Al, and father, Winter. At the age of 13 his father told him the truth. The Legend family for centuries has protected the Human race from the dark spirits. Rose died fighting Dark spirits alongside Winter. Winter is the head fighter of all the Legends, and as such one of his sons will become the next leader. Also known as Held. (German for Hero.)


Frank has shaggy brown hair that covers part of his face. He has green eyes and a sharp nose. His body has almost no fat and all muscle. However due to him being so skinny this fact is easily overlooked unless someone pays close attention. He wears a Blue T-shirt and Black jeans on a daily basis. While suited for battle he wears a black hoodie and black loose fitting pants.


Frank has been (unknowingly) trained since birth to become a protector of the human race. He is a powerful martial artists. While the youngest of the Legends he is strong enough to beat any thug in battle. Frank like all Held's in training uses Claws. They are retractable and almost invincible. In strength he has proven to be at the max for a 13 year old boy, 240 lbs. He can run 19 MPH for an extended period of time without getting tired.


His Brother is currently a member of Unit-3

Read New Rps for his Rp info in case you are interested.

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