Vital statistics
Real Name Peter Flemar
Aliases Heatwave
Gender Male
Species Pyro-Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Warmth, reading, heat, playing video games
Dislikes Losing, getting out of control
Place of Origin New York
Residence Jump City
Relatives Mother and Father (deceased)
Allies Titans Earth
Enemies Better Human Evolution Project
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Pyrokenesis
Weaknesses Water
Equipment None
First Appearance Titans Earth: Project Pyromaniac

"It's time to turn up the heat!"
— Heatwave's Catchphrase

Heatwave (AKA: Peter Flemar) is a 15 year-old boy who used to live in New York. His parents were murdered when they were mugged by a criminal. Since he had no living relatives he was put into Jump City Orphanage as the New York one was full. That was when he was five. A few months after he was put in the orphanage, he was kidnapped. He was taken to a secret underground lab called B.H.E.P Labs. There he was experimented on the Molecular Pyro Resistance test, codenamed Project Pyromaniac. When he was done with the testing they took him back to the orphanage that was worried sick as he had been gone for over a year.

On Peter's 10th birthday his Uncle Frank Flemar adopted him. Peter was unaware of his powers until a year later when he was on a camping trip and went to start the campfire. Frank was worried at first but realised Peter could control it. Frank had to get Peter to train to better manipulate his powers. When Peter was fifteen he was fully trained and had just found out how his parents were murdered. The criminal who murdered them was never caught so Peter decided to track him down. He named himself Heatwave and used his superpowers to track him down.

Heatwave worked solo until Titans Earth became aware of him. They helped him track down the villain. Afterwards he was made an Honorary Titan because instead of killing the villain like he had intended to, he decided to just get him to confess and give himself up. Heatwave has been using his powers more justly after he met Titans Earth.


(A creation of Jono46)

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