Vital statistics
Real Name Jake Luthor
Aliases Jake Archer, Headshot
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Flirting, fighting
Dislikes Killing, secrets
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Watchtower
Relatives Lex Luthor(Biological Father),

Mercy Graves (Biological Mother)

Allies Suicide Squad

Utopia (Formally)

Enemies Order, Utopia
Affiliations Project
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Can't kill
Equipment Tranquilizer guns, conventional firearms
First Appearance Project

Headshot is a teenage assassin and former antihero                                                                                           


Headshot is 5'10 with brown hair and purple eyes (contacts that are a part of him after he purposefully slept in them to long) and light skin. As a civilian he wears a white shirt and blue jeans. 


Headshot (Jake Archer)'s civilian form


Jake is a nonstop flirt to cover his identity which is cold and calculating but has a genuine respect for life unlike most assassins. Ironically with a normal gun or with a blade he will not kill a person, though this trait sees to be fading due to his new more powerful foes.


Jake was taken in by Lex Luthor and put into his main project, Utopia. He was trained by Slade and Deadshot. He could not bring himself to take a life. He thought and thought about a way to humanely kill a person because that was all he knew and finally thought of something. A tranquilizer dart loaded with a deadly venom to the head. No blood or pain just poof the target is dead, in fact after taking the shot he didn't have to look. After killing Captain Marvel Jr. he was captured and sentenced to life in prison. Since then he is a high profile assassin who has worked with the Suicide Squad (Where he earned a permanent pardon)Once in Utopia again he was assigned White Lantern as his next victim. After a brief encounter with Lightning Lord he joined the Project.

After his and Lance's battle in Metropolis, Jake has begun to use conventional firearms in battle due to the increasingly powerful foes he faces.


Photographic Memory

High Pain tolerance 

Deadly Martial Artist

Expert Marksman

Charm and Persuasion


Tranquilizer guns

Jake uses all forms of tranquilizer guns including pistols and rifles to make his trademark kill the Tranq of Death.        


Jake now uses normal guns for more deadly situations.

Remington 870 (pump action 12 gauge shotgun)


example of a tranquilizer gun

AR-15 (Civillian model of the M-16 converted to full auto)

Dual M1911A1s (.45 caliber semi auto pistols)


an example of a tranquilizer rifle

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