Harlow Sturluson
Vital statistics
Real Name Harlow Sturluson
Aliases Harley, Champ, Smokey
Gender Female
Species human
Status Dead
Alignment good
Likes Boxing, singing, smoking, relaxing, using public computers to download malware, food
Dislikes Being homeless, Those who underestimate her, being called anorexic
Place of Origin Florida
Residence Wanderer
Relatives Coach
Allies Coach
Enemies Too many to list...
Affiliations Coach
Powers & Abilities
Powers Sub-human strength, various spells, teleportation
Weaknesses Harsh words
Equipment Switch blade, Charm bracelet
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Harlow wears a blue baseball hat, given to her by her first boxing coach. She wears a black and white sports bra, with brown, baggy jeans. She usually has her sweat shirt tied to her waist, and wears black converse high tops. Her blonde hair is always tied back.


Harlow is a lot of fun to be aroud. She jokes quite a bit, and makes fun of people when they deserve it. She is a wandering travaller, and whenever she comes across a gym that trains boxers, she'll go on in. She has made the majority of her money by boxing. She is homeless, due to the fact that she wastes her money on new boxing training and cigarettes. She focuses on these more than food, which is why she is so horribly frail. Despite this fact, she is a champion boxer. The bracelet she wears allows her the magic abilities she has.


Sub-human strength

When she was little, she would get mad easily and throw heavy objects at people. Over the years, as her body bcame stronger, she was able to lift heavier objects. She is now capable of lifting and throwing trucks.

Various Spells

Harlow is capable of casting different spells due to her charm bracelet.


Using her bracelet, she can teleport.


Switch blades

Harlow carries a few switch blades around at all times

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