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Vital statistics
Real Name Gus Chaos
Aliases Black Blur and Chaos Knight
Gender Male
Species Chaos Human
Status Alive
Alignment unknown

video games,fighting,nightmares,

chaos, gaining power, a challenge, games , reading and chaos crystals

Dislikes weaklings, weak-mindeds, past, boring games, and Teen titans (as rivals)
Place of Origin Planet Chaos
Residence No where
Relatives None
Allies Friends
Enemies Everyone other than a friend
Affiliations Teen Titans Chaos
Powers & Abilities
Powers speed thats unmatched, morphing, memory taping,ancient powers,chaos powers, and telaporting
Weaknesses His past
Equipment Chaos crystals and book of ancients
First Appearance none yet


Gus is a tan,muscular,slim, goldened hair 11 year old kid. He wears a black metal armor guantlet with a red emerld in the palm on his arm. He also wears a black shirt with black pants.


Gus is a mysterios kid. He normaly tries to be kind and friendly yet dosnt reveal much about himself. But when hes angry his personality changes drematicly. He starts beating up an hostile and most of the time ends up killing them, will be angry enogh to blow up entire citys, and can only be calmed by his friends or his past.

Powers & Abilities

  • Morphing: Gus has the power to morph into anything he images or sees.
  • Memory taping: Gus can touch someone and see their memories and feel their emotions. Also if the person touches anyone in the memory gus can see all of the memories of that person even recent memories.
  • Ancient powers: Gus can say ancient language to use the ancient chaos gods,people, and heros powers. He only has to say the name of the spell once to acess them throguh his mind without saying them.
  • Teleporting: you understand the power.
  • Speed: Gus can move anywhere in a Nanosecond if he wants to. But his normal max speed is 500 miles per hour.
  • Ancient sight: Gus when he was born was cursed with the ancient sight yet gus has evolved it and made it a blessing. Gus can see anything when his red pupils 3 curved spikes spin.
  • Gates: No one has ever seen his true power. Gus if he uses his true power can be able to destroy galexys so thats why his people have made 5,000 power gates in him yet he has so far broken 1,000 so he is 3 times more powerful than the teen titans.
  • Stealth: Gus can move through streets and not be seen by a god, his invisiblty relatied to the fact he can phase himself int othe void
  • Void Mastery: The only thing/being to be able to use the void, he can use raw Void matter to materialize into industructable weapons, including his signature Void Crystal armor.


  1. he can get weakened by anything that can be able to destroy a building with a punch.

2. If anywhere on his body flashes then it means thats where an attack comes from so its a little eaiser to dodge.

  1. the last weakness is when hes firing a move and you hit him in the back it will damage him strangly more then normal.


  • ancient shards: Gus uses these shards to power up his ancient moves. theres so far 5,000 hidden around Earth.


"If you get in my way i'll kill you."

"I'm sorry."


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