Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Grey, Heiress
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral
Likes Music, quiet places, brookes, sushi
Dislikes Being the heiress to PCP, fighting
Place of Origin New York City, NY
Residence Kings, NY
Relatives Black, White
Allies Project "Child's Play"
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Project "Child's Play"
Powers & Abilities
Powers Mind Control
Weaknesses She is easy to persuade
Equipment None
First Appearance X
Black and White's little sister. She is 15 years old, and currently Black and White's underling, being trained to run PCP in case something were to happen to Black and White.


Grey has fairly dark skin and pale blue eyes. She has grey-brown hair and is 5'6'. She wears a white V-neck, a black choker necklace and black boots with golden buttons. She wears a grey jacket and brown pants.


Grey is a very nice person. She dislikes the work PCP does, and plans on turning things around when she takes over. She refuses to leave PCP, however, since her only family is there. She cares deeply for her team, somthing her older brother and sister say are a weakness. She is very timid and quiet, and enjoys peace.


Grey has no memory of her parents. She put into an adoption agency at age 1. Two biological siblings, who were 3 years older than Grey, took a liking to her, and began to call her 'sister'. Eventually, the adoption agency marked them up as one whole family. When the two biological siblings turned 7, they snuck away from the agency at night by themselves. Grey barley remembered them, considering the fact that she was 4 when they left. She lived at the adoption agency until she was about 7, until the adoption agency was closed down due to all of the children dissapearing, and Grey travled from foster family to foster family for about  year. She was put into a new adoption agency, where she was kidnapped in the night by her two 'siblings', who were now 11. They claimed they had started up an organization about a year ago, around the same time the agency closed down. By this time, PCP was an organization that spread through all of New York. Grey was told she'd be the heriess to the organization, and was sworn in as the first member of Sub Alpha.

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