In Abakan, Russia, the team of Titans Russia ad gone to bed late at night. It was nearly midnight. However, unlike the rest of her team, Lacy, a.k.a. Tu-22KD BLINDER, had just started her night out. She hated it when people saw her, so she only went out at night. She went to the roof of the tower and took off, in no general direction. She flew at a slower speed then normal this night. She couldn't remember the last time the night had been so perfect.

Two large figures charged through the city, one chasing the other as the white-clad figure was the one fleeing; being chased by a black-clad figure. Hopping between rooftops, the white clad eventually skidded to a halt; looking between a huge gap between him and safety, growling as he soon removed a large weapon with a curved bayonet mounted on the weapon, turning around slowly. The white-clad then raised his weapon, aiming it towards he black-clad who skidded to a halt as well; removing his Magnum Sidearm is a swift movement, holding the white-clad at a stalemate with beam-like concentration.

Lacy watched what was going on for a while before interfering. She quickly landed in between the two. Her face was dark, and covered in the shadows. Her bright eyes were the only thing visible. She quickly looked at both figures, before going to hold the figure in black. She held his arms behind his back, and looked at the figure in white, as if telling him to flee. She didn't say a word.

In a sudden flexing movement, the black-clad broke free as he then watched the white-clad disappear in the shadows; whipping around to stare at Lacy  through his two v-shaped visors; one on top another as both glowed in a bluish-hue. Staring at her, he then holstered his Magnum Sidearm; placing his two and third digits on the side of his helmet, as if activating a radio as he then said in his cold, stoic tone: "Target lost. Civilian intervention." as he stressed the 'civilian'.

Lacy glared at the man. "My duty is to protect. He was being chased." She said with a snarl. She stepped into the light, revealing herself. "And I am no 'civilian'."

The black-clad looked down at her, he standing six inches over her as he then said: "Then explain why you let a high-priority target marked by the Russian Infantry Force and Logistics Enactment, Logistics Enactment Division, and the Auxiliary Russian Mandate and Order Regiment escape; and not only that, but let him escape with equipment important to the Russian Military? If not so, under law: you are under arrest for traitorous charges."

She scowled. "How dare you speak to me like that. What would you do if you had seen a man being chased down, without any intellect on who he was?" She stood back. She hated anybody or anything to do with the law. She hated rules and boundries. Instead, she made her own, and followed what she thought was right.

"Stand down. Right now I am authorized to lethal force, don't force me to use it." He responded in his cold tone, removing his Magnum Sidearm as he then kept it lowered, "Now, onto the ground."

She glared at him with a smile. "Try it. I dare you." There's no way that little gun could hurt her. She had full body armor. "And any way, I'd rather die then surrender to law."

In under a second, Lacy was on the ground due to a vicious strike; something strong enough to kill an average human as soon the black-clad's Magnum was trained on her. Soon, a black vessel appeared in low orbit, a marvel in it's large size as soon two airborne vehicles decended on the two's position; spot-lights airing on the two as the 20mm miniguns mounted onto the chin of the vehicles trained on Lacy. "Stomach on the floor, now."

She got on her stomach quickly. She looked up at him with hate. "Ouch." She said in a sarcastic tone, before swiftly taking off. Being smaller then an actual Tu-22 bomber plane, she could go even faster. She just had to be a good person. The night was so perfect, but this just had to happen.

Raising his M6D Magnum [B], the black-clad aimed the weapon at Lacy; pulling the trigger as the projectile sailed through the air, and with laser-like precision, the round struck the female in the leg; causing large amounts of pain as it would soon be difficult for her to fly still. Soon, the aircraft followed in hot pursuit, keeping up with her easily as they kept their spotlights on her. Soon, police sirens aired; causing a stir in the city as officers kept in hot pursuit with Lacy.

How did he hit her? Her suit should have stopped it! Zhanna must have "barrowed" it and replaced it with a crappy one. She was going to get it next time she saw her... Lacy quickly sored above the clouds, making anybody on the ground lose sight of her. Only the planes had any chance of getting her. She was dramatically slowed at this point. The loss of blood had lost her focus, and caused her to slow down a bit. "Dammit..."

Going above the clouds did nothing to her, as she was soon side-by-side to the Russian Destroyer; as the airborne vessel then trained one of it's larger cannons then trained exactly on her. Soon, the two crafts which were pursuing her pulled up in front of her. Soon the back end of the vessel unlatched; as a minigun mounted by the super-soldier soon raised the weapon on Lacy, as he said over a magnified voice: "We recommend you pull down, Tu-22KD BLINDER. Your risking the lives of you and your friends if you don't cooperate."

She slowed down to a halt. Her blood was boiling. There she was, surrendering. Surrendering to the law. To the people that made her this way in the first place. She stopped and flew right in front of the plane. She looked at the man piloting the machine. She just looked. She did nothing. She did not fly down to the ground, and she did not open fire. She just flew. After a while, she flew over the plane, and sat on top of it, awaiting somebody to come up top and arrest her. She was not going to be seen by the "normal" people down below.

Utilizing his thruster pack, the black-clad easily made his way to the top of the vessel as he then turned on his gravity boots; standing on the vessel easily as he then targeted Lacy through his helmet as he then marched his way to the female, keeping an eye on her; keeping his Magnum holstered as the vessel then pulled into the massive Russian Destroyer; bringing the two into the hectic hangar bay. Troops surrounded the vessel; their automatic to semi-automatic weapons trained on her as the black-clad then commanded in his cold tone: "Down, then face the base of the vessel."

"I am not going to. I am not an animal, and I refuse to be in that position." She said, standing up, with her arms out. "You put the cuffs on here, like this. And please, do not remove any part of my armor. It is welded to my body, and cannot be taken off." She said with slanted eyed, staring at the man.

"I said: Get. Off. The. Vessel." the black-clad figure said, hoisting up the arm of the female as he threw her off the vessel, as she landed on the floor of the hangar bay. Soon jumping off the vessel himself as the soldiers then surrounded her; keeping their weapons trained on her.

She growled. "Call your soldiers off. They make me claustrophobic." She said, eyeing one in particular. She stood up and dusted herself off. "Tell me, darlin'. What might your name be? I'd like to know who trapped me like this. You seem to know who I am."

"Sergeant, arrest her." The black-clad said, ignoring her questions; watching as one of the soldiers approached Lacy; grabbing her arms and forcing them behind her back as he then placed on titanium-laced ties, making it near impossible to break them them. "Take her to the holding block, Sergeant. Company, follow him."

She siged and rolled her eyes. She knocked the soldiers hands off of her arms. "I'm not going to escape. ANd do you think you could possibly get a medic to, oh, I don't know, fix my leg? You know, the one you..uh..shot.." She quickly fell down. She had lost too much blood and was close to fainting. She swore in English, and said a few nasty things.

"Fix it yourself, or you could wait." The Sergeant said, leading Lacy into a dark, metal-based chamber; pushing her inside. Upon examining the room, their was a table and two chairs in the center of the room; a bright light mounted above it as a female; consumed by the shadows in his suit sat in a chair opposite of the Titan. "Please, take a seat. If you cooperate, we could get this done quickly; and get the wound dressed. But if you don't, you bleed out and die. Understood?"

"No.. seriously.. I...I need something... right now.. I.. can't focus... Just something..." Her heart beat fast. She needed something. Anything. "Just like..A towel...A napkin..please..." She laid her face down on the table and closed her eyes. "Hurry up with the stupid questions." She said quietly.

The female drew a sort of soft material from her end, tossing it over to Lacy as she said: "Fold it up and dress it. The adhesive should bond with the skin after a while."

Head down, she dressed her wound. Her heart was still pounding, and she was out of breath, but at least the blood would stop. "What..what do you want to ask." She said, lifting her head up and glaring at the woman.

"I guess we would start off why you interrupted an active ARMOR Agent's operation, an operation I might add which could have ended a highly dangerous threat towards not only the country of Russia, but the entire world. And also why you would help this threat escape with extraordinary equipment; which could have helped the country of Russia in technological advancement, as well as the world."

"This is why I hate the goverment. This is why I hate everything. I don't even know what ARMOR is. Nobody ever tell the Titans anything. Not a single thing. What would you have done if you were a hero, and you saw a man being chased down?" She became angry, and slammed her fist on the table. "I'm sorry I was following my instincts!"

The woman remained calm, clasping her hands together as she leaned forward; saying: "The Auxiliary Russian Mandate and Order Regiment, or ARMOR if you prefer, has been known by the public for more than twenty-two years. And if you would have payed attention, the Russian Infantry Force and Logistics Enactment; RIFLE, is neutral between the Teen Titans. And your 'instinct', would have gotten you and countless others killed, Lacy; if you did not think we knew who you are."

She scowled, but that quickly turned into a smile. "Gimme the next question, hun." She should have stayed home. She should have stayed home that night. She leaned back in her chair and grinned. She just didn't care. She was soon interupted by her radio. Klara and Kira both spoke. "Tu, darling, might we ask what trouble you have gotten yourself into this time?" "Must we really come and get you" Klara asked. "Don't answer that question, dear." Kira finished. Lacy looked down and turned her radio off with a scowl.

The female glanced at Lacy, her eyes slanting hideously as she asked: "Do you have a communicator? If so, place it on the counter." Placing her second and third digits on her ear, she then said: "Colonel Makarov-083, report to Holding Block #7."

"That I do." She folded her arms, and placed the radio on the table. The cord was still attached to her. "And please, do not ask me to un-hook it, because I literally cannot unhook it. It is a part of me. This is the best I can give you." Meanwhile, Klara and Kira where in their own jet, being piloted by Zhanna, the leader of their team. Zhanna opened the hatch, and Kira knocked on the door to the air craft.

"Commander Utrov, unidentified contacts located in lower-orbit with the Incandescent Night; engage or flare." A voice through the radio aired, the woman now known as: Commander Utrov began to stand up; looking towards the super-soldier entering the room; the female standing at attention as Commander Utrov then saluted the super-soldier: "Colonel Makarov-083, sir!" Makarov-083 nodded his head, looking towards Lacy through the thick clad of his armor, commanding: "Have your friends back off, Tu-22KD BLINDER. Or they will be blown out of the air. Commander, report to your station."

"Sir!" Commander Utrov responded in a final salute, before walking through the door.

"Tu-22KD BLINDER, fall on to my position. Try anything against RIFLE Protocol, your life will be short lived."

"Hey, hey, hey. I didn't call 'em here. They came here all on their own. I have no idea how, but they did. Can I go and talk to them? You can be right there with me since you probably don't trust me. And for the love of all that is good and holy, do not shoot them. They're not here to hurt anyone, they're not even here to bail me out. They just want to see whats wrong. Seriously, please do not fore any weapons at them." She stood up slowly.

"I could care less what they are here for, Tu-22KD BLINDER. They are on mobile military premesis; which is against even civilian law. Call. Them. Off." Makarov-083 responded, his cold stoic tone still present; watching other Military Soldiers turn to salute the Colonel.

"Well may I go and speak with them?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. She hooked her radio back on and pushed in the chair.

"Negative, now lock it down, civilian." Makarov-083 ordered; heading back into the spacious hangar bay; the previous red lights which illuminated the hangar faded into a yellow; Militant's running around, many taking the time to salute the Russian Colonel. "Sir, manual loading dock locked and prepped for docking scenario!" a man in a yellow jacket said, saluting the officer.

"Good, keep primary firing solution aimed on neutralities; do not fire unless fired upon. Understood?" Makarov-083 asked the board engineer.

"Yes sir!" the engineer responded; finishing his salute as he then joined a group of blue coats. Makarov-083 turned to face Lacy in a Military manner, looking at the Military Escort which followed the two. He then stared at the Titan, then towards the Militants. "Tell your friends to disengage weapons and board through manual dock; inform them that Militant Forces are awaiting and that if they have firearms present, they will be eliminated. Corporal, Private; bring the escort to the reservation installation; we will join with boarding party soon."

Both Marines responded: "Yes sir!", as one grabbed the arm of Lacy pushing her in one direction towards the back of the hangar bay. Makarov-083 then turned to watch a vessel approach the Incandescent Night; squinting his eyes through his visor; awaiting it's M-Spec Rentery.

She slowly trudged to the dock. As the door opened, Klara and Kira walked in. Zhanna had taken off with the plane, for who knows how long. "Oh, Tu, sweetheart," Klara began, "What on earth is all of this?" Kira finished.

"Oh, y'know. released a villain, doomed the entire world, the same old, same old." She said in a sarcastic manner. She relaxed her shoulders a bit, seeing as her friends were here.

"My word, what a large airship." Kira said, looking around. "So many soldiers, sister dearest. Whatevershall we do." Klara took her coat of, with Kira taking hers off soon after. They set their coats down on a table, and looked around.

Makarov-083 watched the Titan's converse, clasping his hands behind his back as he watched the two new Titan's place their coats on the table; standing tall with the Military Police at his side. He remained silent, soon taking the persona of intimidation; his tank-like armor shifting around as he turned his head slightly to watch one of the F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter's being prepared for task-launch.

"We're so glad" Kira began, hugging Lacy, "To see that you are alright." "Klara finished, also hugging her teammate. Klara walked over to Makarov. "Pardon me sir, but what must we do to get her out of her? We had plans for tomorrow, and I'd hate to see them go to waste."

"Under Regulation 074 of the Russian Infantry Force and Logistics Enactment; dictate Logistics Enactment Division, civilian interruption of Auxiliary Russian Mandate and Order Regiment deployments is treated with traitorous dictate. And as you should know, traitorous dictate for an adult is punishable by execution, life imprisonment, off-world relocation, or permanent mind removal. Minor's are treated with memory emplacement, long-term relocation, or nationalization and emplacement." Makarov-083 responded, looking down at Klara; the Military Police at his sides taking a step forward to counter the Titan approaching the Colonel.

Lacy muttered some things under her breath. The twins let out a sigh. "Please, sir.." "She meant no harm" Klara stated "Is was an honest mistake. As if Tu would actually want to destroy the planet.." Kira explained.

Makarov-083 turned to look at the Titans, emotionless through his visor. "It does not matter, mistake or not she allowed a genocidal killer, someone who has betrayed me and his allies, killing almost every single Auxiliary Russian Mandate and Order Regiment super soldier; excluding me." Makarov-083 paused, before getting back on topic: "But as acting officer of this vessel, the punishment is up to me."

The three Titans let out a heavy sigh. The twins crossed their arms and dug their nails into their arms, scowling. Lacy became emotionless. It was whatever, now. She just didn't really care. The twins quickly let up a smile, and replied with "But of course..." and curtsied. "What is my punishment?" Tu asked, quietly. The sooner, the better...

Makarov-083 looked towards Tu especially; bringing his arms in front of himself as almost everyone inside the hangar snapped to attention. He then approached the Titan, his armor clanking around his body as each step sounded like a drum beat against the metal floor. He then looked downwards, eying the Titan as soon the Military Police approached his sides; making sure no one would lash out and attack.

"Under Regulation 074, Article 03, Paragraph 07; I hereby sentence you; Tu-22KD BLINDER, for Nationalization and Memory Emplacement. If you are to attempt to escape this punishment for Traitorous Dictate, you shall be terminated as required." Makarov-083 said in his cold, cunning voice. "Corporal, Private. Guide the two civilians back to the manual dock; raise their escort. Sergeant, bring the prisoner to Station 14, and raise me when you reach the chamber. Understood?"

The marines chorused: "Sir, yes sir." saluting their senior officer, as Makarov-083 waited for them to enact their commands.

Klara and Kira quickly looked at Tu. "Would she forget us, as well?" Kira quickly asked Makarov. "Will we ever see her again?" Tu looked down, resisting to cry.

A small, 13 year old girl in a pilot suit came through a small ventalation shaft located in the air craft. She jumped down and landed on the floor. She quickly stepped up to whom she believed to be the boss, Makarov. "Thats such a good punishment, too bad it aint happenin'." She said with a stern look on her face. This 13 year old girl was the captain of Titans Russsia, and she was not going to let some idiot in a big metal suit taker her team mate away. 

Klara and Kira quickly rushed next to their leader, Zhanna. "I believe we are obligated to agree with our fearless leader, correct, Kira?"  "But of course, Klara, darling." They put their coats back on and crossed their arms. Tu looked up at her teammates. Maybe there was hope?

Makarov-083 looked down at the leader of the Titans, the Military Police and the Military inside the hagar look towards the scene; as the Colonel took a step forward, and in his cold tone replied: "My order stands like it or not, civilian. As of Regulation 132, Auxiliary Russian Mandate and Order Regiment senior officers have high command over any matter, surpassing judical orders entirely unless by precedented commands by Logistics Enactment Divison Section Four. Meaning, my order stands as a law, and is the final decision. And correct me if I am wrong, by the Titan's are to follow the law as required. Are they not?"

Zhanna grinned. "Who ever said we followed the rules?" And with that, Tu broke free of the soldiers grip. She kicked down the nearby door and took off. 3 more fighter jets appeared, opened the hatches, and the remaining 3 titans jumped aboard their jets, being piloted by family. "Farewell!' The twins shouted before their hatches closed. They quickly took off as well, and followed their team mate. If they wanted her, they were gonna have to put up one hell of a fight, and with a family full of fighters, this could be tough.

Makarov-083 watched the Titan's make their escape; ignoring the numerous soldiers charging around the deck towards their main battle positions, as the Colonel approached F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter; as the vessel unlike it's already classified counterpart, was modified specifically for the ARMOR Super-Soldier. The jet could escape the atmosphere of earth in less then thirty seconds, it's initial thrust enough to cover the country of Russia around a minute; it's arament enough to split a boulder in half in under a second with it's main cannon.

Tapping his radio, Makarov-083 reported: "Captain Untervich, the Titan's Russia had just escaped with a prisoner tried for treason. I am engaging, relocating to Channel Bravo, over."

The Colonel then climbed up the ladder present on the sides of the Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter, as he then lowered himself into the vessel; starting up the vessel with the complex controls, activating the onboard Artifical Intelligence. Closing the vessel canopy, the on-board AI began to run the diagnostics.

"Ship-Propulsion: Online; Weapons-Systems: Online; Long-Range Communications: Online; Artifical-Gravity: Online; All-Systems: Nominal." The on-board AI said, confirming that the Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter was prepped. Punching in a series of buttons, the thrusters underneath the Strike Fighter started; slowly rising the vessel into the air as the landing gear then collapsed into the belly of the ship. Suddenly, the Strike Fighter's seat pushed in towards the controls; making it easier for Makarov-083 to attend his controls. Pushing forward the lever for the thrust, the Strike Fighter then shot out of the hangar bay; using it's long-range radar to spot the Titan's Vessels.

"Target's spotted, preparing to engage." Makarov-083 responded; suddenly speeding towards the group at lightning speeds. The Titan's soon caught sight of the Strike Fighter; as it quickly shot past their direction in a second; Makarov-083 then rolled the vessel back towards the group; activating his main cannon defenses. "Engaging."

Zhanna let out such a grin. She couldn't be happier. She just waited for him to fire. Just one shot at the titans and family, and she would be satisfied. She radioed her fleet of airships. "Hold your fire. Don't make a single move under any circumstances, do you hear me?" Every body replied with a "yes sir". Even though she was a girl, she wanted to be called "sir".

Makarov-083 fired the cannons, striking the head of the fleet with the rounds. However, something wasn't right; it wasn't simple aircraft rounds, it was something else. Soon, a large pink rock-like formation occurred on the sides of the vessel, the wings beginning to peel off under the weight of the heavy rock-formations. The craft then slunk into lower atmosphere, the cockpit being breached as the pink-rocks began to swell up; crowding the shield; casting a dark shadow inside the cockpit station.

Makarov-083 soon zoomed backwards, watching the aircraft he shot with SPKNr rounds tear the wings off the vessel; as the entire front of the aircraft soon looked like a large piece of bubble-gum was stretched half-way down the craft. Turning to speed up with the other airships, Makarov-083 pressed a button; releasing cylinder shapes from the bottom of the craft; as the tubes soon split apart to reveal crab-like creatures, in between the bottom an the top: a swirling Titanum blade; the 'Man-Hacks' shooting forward like bullets towards the other vessels; cutting deep into the plating as the soon beeped with a red light, warning the pilot of one thing: mines, bombs stuck to the vessels exterior waiting to explode.

The pilots of these planes soon jumped out, pulling their parachutes, and falling to the ground. The remaining ones turned around and flew off into the morning sky. Zhanna and the twins flew down to the ground and got out of their aircrafts and sat on the exterior of theirs. Zhanna, with a crazed grin, got on to her radio. "Makarov-083, you have just attempted murder on innocent civillians. You can easily go to jail for that. And don't try the excuse "it was self-defence" or "they assisted a criminal", because we never helped Tu escape. She did that on her own. And we never fired our weapons, and flying a jet isn't a crime. We have permits for that. You, sir, have just broken the law with no excuse to get out." The twins let out a giggle of excitment.

"Incorrect, Zhanna. SPKNr rounds are specialized for civilian airspace; the SPKNr rounds would have kept them alive even if they did not parachute; and the Z-32 Man-Hacks only do minor exterior damage, used to again: control civilian airspace without casualty. And status from fleeing a Military Installation, nevertheless a Russian Infantry Force and Logisitcs Enactment vessel; warrants for civil arrest. Meaning you broke the law, Zhanna; and I was the one to follow mandate. I was within reasonable boundaries; while you were not." Makarov-083 said over the radio, pulling the F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter close, still hovering over the ground; the SPKNr loaded cannons still focused on the vessel.

Turning on a switch, the cock-pit to Makarov-083's vessel opened; while in mid-hover as Makarov-083 got out, still hovering as the cannons sat concentrated on the Titans, as he said: "But SPKNr rounds on human beings is a different story."

She yawned and laid down. "Mmm hmm.. Why don't you tell me how I broke the law? It can be like a bed time story, because I'm awefully tired. And, please, tell yourself how perfect you are, because I'm sure that nobody in this entire goddamn world can out-perfect you. You're so boring, Mak. Can I call you Mak? I will anyway. You stay within limits. You don't give a damn about other's. You destroy lives in order to "maintain society" as my father calls it. I've always hated you people. You see, the titans follow what's right. They stay within reaonable limits in order to assure people hapiness and saftety. You people, on the other hand, follow all of the rules, you make sure you're perfect in the eyes of the law." She spit on the ground. "The law can be cruel, and the Titans hate that, so they make their own law. A law to protect the people, and a law to ensure their saftey."

The twins nodded in agreement. "Really, darling. You really should learn," Klara began, before yawning "To be more of a carniing gentleman." Kira finished.

Meanwhile, Tu was scouring the city. She couldn't believe the crap she was going through... she searched in between every nook and cranny for the criminal she had let escape. Maybe, if she cought this jerk, she'd get a little less of a punishment.

Makarov-083 looked towards the group, their childish behavior sickened him; and by saying they were the Titan's follow what is right, but overall acted like a child in the matter. "Maybe some of us didn't have a choice in the matter of following the morals of others. But I can at least say this: your a group of vigilantes with guns, you are not better than us with the people than we are, aside from that: I doubt you have the required training or respect for the people. You say that the law can be cruel, and you don't like that; I can tell you this: the law is required, to keep people like your friend, someone who can easily hurt others, away from people who are not like her; not to only mention that you stop criminals breaking the law, and yet position yourself above it.

"Not only that, but you have proven absolutely nothing in the fact that you can actually defend people; and by your, immature behavior, it is obvious that you are nothing more then brats with guns. Unlike you, I have training, decades of training in fact, and I know how to handle situations otherwise you would be stuck in. But I have no time for a bunch of children, but pretend heroes. Maybe I was right about the Titans, they are only going to hurt people; and when they make the mistake, and I know they will; I know I will be ordered to eliminate you, but right now; I know you are going to ignore me on every word I speak. But you will eventually slip and kill someone, I have seen it time and time again." Makarov-083 finished, removing his M6D Magnum [B] Sidearm; removing the lethal clip and slapping in CNTRk Training Rounds, and with amazing speed: fired an individual round into the chest into each Titan, a bluish-rock substance bubbling on their chests as soon it took away all their speed; making it impossible to move their arms and head without a stinging sensation to correct them.

"It will wear off by tomorrow, unless you have the correct instruments to crack the CNTKr Training Round's bloom. Try anything, I can assure you it will sting. Trust me, they used it on me ever since I was a kid." Makarov-083 claimed, watching the Titan's attempt to struggle. "Had it been your head, you would have suffocated by now, but I'm better than that. Better than you."


The white-clad figure watched Tu look through the alleyways and streets in search for something, but he remained invisible due to a utensil attached to his back; cloaking him completely, making it nigh impossible to see him. Removing his M321 Multipurpose Grenade Launcher; as he slowly lurked along the rooftops, tracking her instead of her tracking him--hissing silently through the hole in his throat. Raising his Grenade Launcher he kept it moving along, following Tu as if he were going to shoot; however he did not.

Silently, he watched.

Zhanna rolled her eyes. "Say what you want about me, but leave my cousin's outta this. They are very mature women, and are incredibly kind. But yeah, I am an immature little brat, I'm 13, what did you expect? But I do work to help people, and make sure they're happy. We clean up after you people and ensure people are satisfied. Ask anybody, and they'll tell you that they were a lot happier with our service. And yes, we mess up, but we're just a bunch of kids. And of course I lack skills, I only started training when I was 7. I never went to school. And don't you dare say you're better then us, you're the one that put us here in the first place." She looked down at the CNTRk Training Rounds. "We never did anything to you, yet you do this crap to us? The most we've done is talk a little rude, but you? Your attempting to inflict pain on us. And what for? for being brats? Jeeze." She sighed and closed her eyes. Just a little wait until morning? Whatever, she was tired anyway. 

Klara stood up. It hurt, but she could manage. Kira was a little to weak to stand up, but she had enough strength to lie down. She stood up and began walking towards the soldier, eyes moist with tears. Every move she made, she swore inside her head. She grunted. She looked right into the soldiers eyes, even through his armor. She simply stared. She didn't speak, or do anything else.


Tu had given up. She simply landed on the roof of a building, and lied down. Her friends where probably dead. They had probably done something stupid, specifically Zhanna. Zhanna had a big mouth, and couldn't learn to shut up. Tu sighed, and began singing a lulaby in english, one that her mother had sang to her.

Makarov-083 looked down towards Klara, before looking back up at Zhanna. He did not care for their pain, RIFLE had used these exact rounds on him around the age of seven for training purposes; he knew they didn't understand what he went through, nor would they care; however he dealt with him the way he was trained. "What I do is to keep you from doing something that could get you killed; and I could care less how rude you are to me, it wouldn't be the first time. And no, I subdued you; as I was required to."

Looking back down at Klara, Makarov-083 bore into her eyes with his two v-shaped visors; before turning back to his craft.


The white-clad figure watched Tu lay down on the roof; creeping slowly and in stealth-like manner towards her, keeping his Grenade Launcher aimed towards the ground with each step. Standing over her, he then uncloaked himself; growling inhumanely as he soon watched fear wash over Tu's eyes; aiming the Grenade Launcher directly at her.

She quickly looked at him with a fierce glare. "Don't you do it. I have had the worst night, and I don't need you to make it even worse." She didn't move at all. She had scrapped her original plan to capture this guyand bring him back. She simply laid there and stared up at the criminal.

Klara quickly grabbed hold of the soldiers shoulder. "You. I want you to process something in that mind of yours." She said with a fierce tone. "I want you to understand that Tu would never hurt innocent people on purpose. She isn't that low. She's had a terrible life, but she isn't that low.You cannot seem to comprehend that." The pain no loger influenced her. It was quitle suttle, compared to what she had been used to. She moved freely now without flinching or crying.

Makarov-083 halted, standing still as he stood and comprehended what Klara said. They really didn't know, did they? Despite the fact the public had been informed recently that ARMOR Super-soldiers were indeed kidnapped by age of six, and trained then on to be the best of the best. He waited for a while before speaking, saying: "Who said I wasn't able to comprehend it?" His tone was slightly downcast, turning around to stare back at the Titan, before speaking again: "Believe me, I should be able to understand the situation she was in. Possibly in plenty more ways then even you, or her could understand."


The white-clad growled, croaking soon following as he kept his Grenade Laucher concentrated on Tu. Upon further examination, the white-clad had similar looking armor to Makarov-083, with the exception of the torso, helmet, and shoulder pieces. The Torso appeared as some sort of chest-plate, similar in resemblance to a Gladiator's Chest-piece frome Ancient Rome, and the shoulder pieces curved creating a fourth of a sphere shape, the helmet looking like half a bowl attaching to a metal frame.

Suddenly, something would soon catch Tu's attention: the number '273' imprinted on his torso-piece, similar to the '083' on Makarov's chest piece.

Tu looked at the gentleman. She inspected him thoughly, and scowled. "What, are you a part of that stupid ARMOR program, too?" She questiones while glaring at the man.

Elsewhere (because "meanwhile" gets repetitive..)

Klara spoke in a quiet tone. She didn;t want Kira to hear. "Don't you say I cannot understand. I understand perfectly well. Being the less-favored child of two mad scientists, guess who got to be the lab rat ever since they was born? I wasn't allowed to have a bedroom, and I wasn't allowed to talk. The only times I ever got to interact with others is when my sister risked her life to come and be with me at night. And do you know why I am here now? Because I shot them. My parents, who I loved deeply despite the fact that they torchered me every day. And my sister saw it. I have had to live with that. So don't you DARE say I cannot comprehend." Klara marched back and carried her cousin and leader into the cockpit of her jet. Klara climbed into Kira's jet and laid down next to her sister. Welp, they were tired, so might as well wait out the things attached to themselves to expire. Klara shot a look at Makarov.

Makarov-083 stared back, holstering his M6D Magnum [B] sidearm; it was a tramatic experience, however nothing Makarov-083 hadn't seen before. Ever since he was seven, he was was experimented on, trained like a soldier. He witnessed other kids attempt to escape, all of them killed. The ones who did get past the wall; were brought back and never seen again. It was either follow orders, or die; but only a few actually survived the final augmentations. A thousand kids dwindled to three-hundred. And that three-hundred lead to two. "Nevertheless, it's nothing I haven't seen before; Klara."

Elsewhere...(because "meanwhile" is too mainstream...)

'273' growled again, obviously not willing to speak; or unable too.

Tu looked up at the man. "What, you a mute kid?" She questioned. She began streching her legs. Her wound was never properly treated...

In other places...(because "elsewhere" is a lame-o...)

Klara looked at the man. "Then you just remember this." She began, "The Titans and you aren't so different." Kira finished. Despite not knowing what Klara and Makarov's conversation was about, she managed to know what to say. The twins eyes seemed to glow a pinkish-red color.

"I'm afraid that's not true. You're a group of vigilantes, I am a trained machine of war; operating for a Military bent on ensuing world peace. You do what you can to help, I follow orders despite the consquences. At least you have had choices, I haven't; I follow them." Makarov-083 claimed, "I kill the enemy, you negotiate with them. I've been in wars, you have not. I've had to drag the bodies of dead comrade's just to give them a proper burial, you never had too. I've had to make countless sacrifices saving people, I'm sure you didn't have too."

Meanwhile...(because "In other places" takes too long to type...)

'273' glanced down at Tu's wound, watching blood curl from the wound and stain the roof in a crimson color. Suddenly, and with amazing speed; '273' struck Tu's leg with the bayonet attached to the back of his Grenade Laucher, making a large wound; cutting straight through the bone in her leg as the blood would surely begin to gush out. '273' wanted her to be in pain, make the Titan feel pain before killing her; because otherwise the death would be too quick, and he needed to take his frustrations out on someone who had just reminded him of the pain and agony he felt for years, due to nine bullets going directly into his throat.

She sat up instantly. "Son of a-! What did you do that for?!" She bagan shouting. her blood began to boil. She began trying to rmove the bayonet, but with no luck. She began rocking back and forth for a while, holding her leg. She looked up at '273' with an angry stare. Was everybody in Russia trying to kill her?!

'273' then looked down at Tu, yanking the blade out of her leg as the pain would increase darastically. He then kicked the female, deducting that she was not part of RIFLE. The kick would shatter every bone in an average humans body, leaving the average male on the brink of death; however this was a cyborg human. However, Tu would still fly off the roof a couple of meters from the impact, as he charged off the building as well; causing civillians to scream and flee, '273' blowing up escaping cars with his Grenade Launcher. He growled to himself, croaking slightly audible afterwards.

Tu began to fall downwards, igniting the jets just before she hit the ground. She searched around, looking for something to stop the bleeding. She found a cotton jacket in the alleyway she fell in, and tore off the sleeve, tying it around the wound. she quickly got up, taking off towards the criminal.

'273' caught sight of the Titan approaching him at fast speeds; interrupting the masacre he had going on, being struck through a bakery as he then smashed into the cash register, exploding it into a fury of colorful paper as he then skidded to the back of the store. Getting up, debris crashed to the ground from his armor shifting around; allowing him to move around freely despite the heavy bulk on the armor. He growled again, walking forward as he then picked up the panicked bakery manager; lifting the man three feet of the ground, as the rouge super-soldier then tore the man in half painfully; throwing the legs and torso away from each other in a bloody flash of ribbons. He then approached Tu, having no weapon; making it clearly obvious that he did not need one, sizing up a foot taller than the Titan.

Suddenly, police sirens aired; as a helicoptor than spun towards the front of the bakery along with police transport. Kevlared figures soon exited the cars, being armed with an array of firearms as then soon trained it on the rouge element. "On the ground, now!" a microphone blarred, as the policemen shaked in fear as '273' soon approached the cars, pushing Tu aside. He growled again, clearly displeased as he then smacked a police car clear off the ground; throwing it 90 meters in another direction; as the police then fired on him, doing no damage as an energy sphere covered the body of '273'; tossing away bullets in the direction they were fired; seriously hurting the police officers and even killing them.


Makarov-083 then looked towards his craft, as one of the screens of the F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter then glarred red; a voice coming through the other end as it said:

"Colonel Makarov-083! Dire assessment located in downtown Abakan, we need you to respond immediently! Sighting of Signature 273 are confirmed, we need ARMOR Senior Officer to assess now!"

Makarov-083 then placed his second and third digit on the side of his helmet, speaking into the radio as he then said: "Copy that, RIFLE Command. Downloading assessment now, relocating to Abakan immediently. Colonel Makarov-083 out." The ARMOR Super-soldier then glanced towards the Titans, mounting the side of his vessel as he then called out: "If you are actually are trying to do good for the people, and try to make them happy, then you need to respond as soon as possible to incidents like these."

He then paused for a while, as if waiting for something as suddenly the blue paint CNTKr then broke apart around their chests like some sort of fragile glass."If you are going to help the people, gear up. Because it looks like a masacre out their, and your friend is in the middle of it."

Klara shouted to the soldier. "You seem to have forgotten about the things you put on us! It's somewhat difficult to move, darling!" she said the last part with a somewhat sarcastic tone. Kira, who was cuddled up with her sister, sighed, meanwhile, Zhanna had fallen asleep.

In a different location...

Tu became angry. She was soon enraged, and tackled the soldier. She covered his eyes, and turned his neck. She wasn't hurting him, but being a destraction to the soldier. She wrapped her legs around the man, and hugged his neck with her other free hand. "Why you gotta be suck a jerk? What crawled into your armor and died?!" She yelled in English.

'273' became enraged, obviously understanding what Tu said despite it being English. She hadn't forced him to fall to the ground, far from it; though she had successfully immobilized his right arm, clasping it tight as his movements became limp. However, she left his left had open; pulling it back as he then curled his fingers into a fist; striking Tu with a vicious blow, tossing her meters away, hissing almost like a snake from the wound deep in his throat.

He then turned his attention to a Police Officer who had just fired a shotgun round at him, having little to no effect as the pellets dropped to the ground harmlessly. '273' then grabbed his throat, lifting him off the ground as he did with the Bakery Manager, but instead of tearing him apart; popped off his head by squeezing his throat, the head rolling to the ground as blood sputtered out of his head and neck. '273' then glanced towards Tu, tossing the dead Police Officers body directly in front of her; before picking up a car with both hands; and with little effort, lifted it and tossed it towards the Helicoptor in the sky: smashing the tail of the air vehicle as it soon collided into an apartment building somewhere down the street.


"Then I suggest looking down, Klara." Makarov-083 said through the speakers of his F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter. Upon looking down where the CNTKr rounds previously were, the two sisters would discover the rock formations had broken down into dust, allowing them completely free movement; as Makarov-083's vessel soon shot through the air at lightning speeds; sure to wake the Titan leader up from the noise emitted, despite it's stealth-based design.

The twins smiled. "god dammit..." Zhanna quietly said. She was hoping to get some sleep, but that would have to wait. She quickly got into the cock pit of the plane and sped of, with an angry look. The twins got int their own jets, and sped of after Zhanna. Klara, who was the last to go, gave a salute to Makarov. The three of them where off in search of the chaos.


Tu looked at the officer. She closed her eyes, said a quick prayer, and gently laid the corpse on the ground, folding his arms. She was behind the '273', and set a scan, searhing for any place where his armor may not cover his body. Seeing just the slightest gap near his elbow, She held out her hand, which was entirely mechanic. Inside of the machine she called her hand was the smallest of guns. It held only one small bullet. This was an mechanic implanted by Tu. She held her breath and fired the bullet towards the thing she believed to be a gap in his armor. She wasn't entirely sure if there really was a gap. The bullet quickly sped towards his elbow.

As the bullet sped towards '273'; it was easily predictable that the bullet would reach impact, with one exception: Tu had forgotten about the magnetic energy shield around '273'. Right as the bullet was within a foot of the gap; it automatically stopped and went flying in another direction. '273's' shielding flickered for a second; causing the giant super-soldier to turn around, looking down at Tu on the floor. He growled a malicious growl, pacing forward slowly towards the Cyborg Human; about to strike her with a silent blow.

Suddenly, '273' was struck by a large pink rock formation; sending him flying meters in the other direction as the SPKNr round which struck him began to form around his torso in a pink-goo. The F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter screeched to a halt in the sky; hovering in mid-air above Tu as the figure she would recognize as Makarov-083 exited the shuttle. He landed with a large metallic thump on the ground, ignoring as the F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter suddenly shot off by itself; hinting of a built in autopilot.

Makarov-083 then looked down at Tu, and offered her his large metal-clad hand to get up.

Tu glared at the hand. She growled, and got up on her own. "thanks, but no thanks." She said, staring at the soldier. She was limping, and standing had become a struggle. She ignited her jets ever so lightly and began to hover a few feet off the ground. She became woozy, and began breathing heavily. She pinned her hair back, and landed back on the ground. She leaned up against a near by wall, trying to regain her senses. The rest of her team still hadn't arrived.

Suddenly, '273' began breaking the SPKNr rounds despite the rounds being specialized to suspending vehicle movement. Suddenly, cracks formed in the SPKNr rounds; the pink-rocks breaking apart as '273' began walking forward, though slowly, the pink rocks breaking and falling to his feet. Suddenly, '273' was freed from his temporary prison; looking towards Makarov-083 as he began growling loudly. "I'd recommend getting your senses quick." Makarov-083 said, as suddenly in a blurred motion, the two were then locked in combat; the quicker and more agile Makarov-083 combating the stronger and more brutal '273'.

Suddenly it became obvious how brutal the combat style of '273' and '083' is, as the blows and kicks the two preformed on each other made loud cracks! from the strength and speed alone. Energy flickered around the two as suddenly Makarov-083 was struck brutally by '273'. The blow tossed the Colonel hundreds of meters; through an entire building. Rubble dropped to the surronding area, dust was kicked up into the air like billowing smoke. Suddenly, '273' turned his attention towards Tu; growling as he then charged towards her, raising his massive arm into the air; pulling his fist to his ear as he attempted to strike her brutally as he did with the Colonel.

She had mere seconds to think. She did the first thing that entered her mind, and that was to fly. She ignited her jets, which were low on fuel. She was not able to get high enough. Instead, she darted out of the way, mere seconds before '273' laid the blow. He simply destroyed the wall which was behind Tu. She looked, still woozy as ever, trying to think of what she needed to do next.

'273' then growled; turning to face Tu, his golden fish bowl-like visor reflecting her image. Hastely, the Rouge Element charged Tu with incredable speeds; traveling at 130 miles per hour (a blur in motion) as he then struck her viciously time and time again. Smacking her to the floor, he stood over; hissing, preparing to commit the final blow. Suddenly, '273' stumbled backwards; the energy around him flickering as Makarov-083 held his M6D Magnum [B] Sidearm in his left hand, firing a barrage of rounds with extreme accuracy towards '273'. Striking him every time with the Anti-Material rounds.

There was a huge dent in the torso area of Makarov-083's armor; the black paint peeled off, electric sparks fountaining from the chest-piece like rain. Still, he trudged on; firing his M6D Magnum at '273', watching as the Rogue Element soon disappeared, turning invisible to escape the barrage of rounds. Makarov-083 then lowered his sidearm, looking towards Tu on the ground; saying nothing, but looking at her through a cold stare from his two visors.

Tu gripped her head. She had a terrible head ache. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them, she was enraged. She stood up quickly, desregarding all of her wounds. She looked at upwards, as her team had arrived. a gas can fell down from one of the jets, with Tu able to catch it. She filled herself back up, and now was ready to fly. She quickly flew back up to her teammates jets, and aquired ammo for her built-in machine guns. "You guys, go home." Tu ordered. "You sure? we can do some serious-" Zhanna began. She stopped talking once she saw Tu's face. She gently smiled and saluted. "You got it." Quickly, the three jets zoomed off. Tu turned around and set a scan for the invisible soldier.

Makarov-083 watched the Titan's converse, slipping in another M6D Magnum [B] clip into his weapon; raising it once more. Quickly, Makarov-083 turned on the long-range motion sensors scattered around the city by his busy F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter; as the entire city was swept repeatedly for '273's' Objective Signal. Along with activating his motion sensor, Makarov-083 turned on a neural enhancement; changing the visor mode mounted onto his helmet to thermal scan, cutting through the buildings; detecting multiple heat signatures inside buildings, all civilians. "Motion sensors are up, the only thing about them that if '273' is to discover the scans; he can activate a radar jammar. Everything inside a thirty mile radius will be jammed. Radio's, TV's, Computers, everything."

Suddenly the motion compass in the left hand, lower corner of Makarov-083's began to blur; his radar shutting off. Suddenly, the lights on the street shut off one by one; power being lost, Vadam lifting his M6D Magnum [B]. "Which is now."

As the lights shut off, Tu landed on the ground. The majority of her quipment still worked, including her jets. She stood, looking around. Her scanning equipment no longer worked. She backed up against Makarov, looking around, trying to get some kind of a glimpse of where '273' could be. A cold sweat ran down her cheek as she breathed silently. The early morning sun had begun to show it's light.

Makarov-083 continued to scan the horizon; keeping his M6D Magnum [B] Sidearm raised, ignoring the damaged chest piece as he kept a thermal watch. He ignored as Tu backed up against him, keeping a stern lookout for a distortion in the air. Deciding that '273' wouldn't be a problem, (at least for now) the Colonel then lowered his weapon, looking down at a TechPad mounted onto the forearm of his armor; typing into the holographic screen. "Might want to back up, Tu-22KD BLINDER; activating temporal Electro-Magnetic Pulse Device." Makarov-083 said; removing a rectangular shape, priming the device as he then tossed it meters away from the two.

Suddenly, the device began chirping; exploding into brilliant blue electricity, breaking down cars, light posts, anything with electronics within the vicinity into electronic pulses. Suddenly, the armor-systems of Makarov-083 and Tu would soon shut down; (with the exception of major system-uplinks) negating Makarov-083's Magnetic Shielding. Soon, the electricity surrounded a third figure; '273' as his Magnetic, Cloaking, and Jamming systems became nothing but paperweight; revealing the white-clad figure.

Sparks flew from Tu's body as the majority of her armor shut down. As '273' was reveiled, she turned to face him with a hystarical smile on her face. "Hey, buddy! long time no see! Do you feel like dying today? no? that's too bad because I have had enough of you!" She shouted as she prepared her machine guns. She was tired, she had caught a cold, and she wanted to go home. This would end right here, right now.

'273' growled ferociously, recovering from the surprise of Makarov-083's EMP Device deployment. Makarov-083 raised his M6D Magnum [B] Sidearm; aiming it towards '273', pointing it towards the head of the rouge element. Keeping aim, Makarov-083 awaited even the slightest movement made by '273'; knowing of the deception the rouge element had show in years past. "Stand down, Niklas-273. Any sudden movement will be treated as hostile action and you will be dealt with appropriately." Makarov-083 said in his commanding tone, unsure at the situation at hand.

Suddenly, Niklas-273 began pacing forwards; slowly almost painfully, targeting Makarov-083 in particular. Makarov-083 then fired his sidearm; striking the visor of Niklas-273, cracking the already damaged glass ineffectively as the rouge element then charged forward. Unprepared for the response of Niklas-273; Makarov-083 was taken off-guard, his head being struck, jerking it up in a sudden movement, shattering the Protosteel lining of the VENATOR-II Class Helmet; sending Makarov-083 sprawling to the ground, unconscious. Suddenly, Niklas-273 then brought his right hand full on into the torso of Tu; sending her sprawling in another direction, conscious, but in pain. The rouge element hissed in delight, turning towards Makarov-083; pacing forward maliciously.

Tu screeched in pain. Though the majority of her body was mechanic, she still possesed human organs within her. She coughed violently, spitting up blood. Her breathing was rapid and unsteady, and she was shaking. She stood up, but quickly fell back down. She started sobbing like a child. She tried standing again, this time she was able to manage. She quickly fought back the tears. She saw Niklas heading for Makarov. Her sadness suddenly retreaded back, and her anger burst. "Whats wrong with you, you vicious, evil creature! Are you angry because you can't speak?! We all got our own problems pal! I've got problems, all of these people got problems! That don't give 'em the right to be a jerk! I'm fully aware that you probably got it worse than I do, but still! You aint got no right to be like this!" She screamed at Niklas in English, as she charged at him, hitting his armor, cracking his yellow visor and denting his armor, possibly cracking it as well. She began raging on him, and began to hit him repeatedly.

Niklas-273 was struck, hard. He coughed; backing up to avoid Tu's violent blows, surprised at her sudden burst of strength. Finally escaping the barrage of blows, Niklas-273 finally executed this activity; skillfully, seizing one of her fists, twisting her arm painfully. Doing this, the rouge element was capable of forcing Tu to her knees; continuing to twist her arm, threatening to snap it clean off if she did not try to gain ground. Leaning forward, Tu's reflection off Niklas-273's damaged visor shows her condition; the blood running down her mouth, the bruises and cuts aligning her face. He waited for a while, staring down at the Titan; as if he was trying to prove his point.

I suffered...

Pulling back his left hand; curling it into a fist, Niklas-273 snarled, preparing to bring it down upon Tu, to strike her head hard enough to snap her neck. Off in the distance, Makarov-083's visor began phasing back into reality; looking through the damaged HUD system which gave him full perception; only seeing through the two v's stacked on each other. I can't see through this, Makarov-083 thought; laying still, it needs to come off. Turning his head slowly, as if not to attract attention; Makarov-083 saw the Titan in the grasps of the rouge element. Slowly, Makarov-083 rolled over; and got to his knees.

Static ran through the HUD, eventually becoming useless as the power cut suddenly. Electrical circuit error, obviously. And slowly, Makarov-083 placed the sides of his helmet; tearing his VENATOR-II Class Helmet off it's mount on the back of his head and around his neck. Heated air sounded; dispersing in the environment, a onboard AI warning in it's damaged state: "W-warning... ing..! Ven-Venator Class-Class Helmet... re-removed...! V-vital on board necessities... necessities... shutting offline..!"

Tossing aside his damaged VENATOR-II Class Helmet, Makarov-083 store at Niklas-273; stumbling forward at first. His head was a large, flat, and pale sculpt; a mess of healed cuts and bruises aligning his face and the sides of his head. He bore no hair, his eyes were a deep blue, (with one being cut) and his lower lip had a large tear lining it. His ears and a part of the top of his head were covered in a machine and wires which were nailed into his skull, wires plugged into his head running down the back of his neck; covered in plates of thick metal to protect his spine and neural implants. His face was a complete stern expression, his brows furrowed and his lips curved into a scowl.

Suddenly, the Colonel charged forward with incredible speed; striking Niklas-273's bowl-shaped visor brutally, sending the rouge element flying to the left; as he soon came in contact with a wall, striking it. Falling limp for a second, Niklas-273 then pushed off the now collapsed wall, turning his head to face Makarov-083. Growling, the rogue element then disappeared; the EMP Device deployed collapsing under eminence pressure, restoring the lights and most of the systems back online. Looking to the ground, where Tu fell; Makarov-082 barked in his commanding voice: "Get up."

Tu looked up at the soldier. She rolled her shoulder, still staring at him, at first with surpize at the soldiers durability. A smile quickly appeared on her face. A smile of respect. She quickly got up, and put her arms around the soldiers head, placing one arm around the back, and one covering the top. "I don't know how your whole armor deal works, but I'm assuming that one blow to the head would kill you. I sure as hell don't like you, in fact, I hate you, but I'll be damned if I don't help protect a guy who's bailed me out on multiple ocassions, especially in one night, got it? " She said as she looked around for the soldiers helmet. Something would be better than nothing to protect him. She had to act upon her senses to not only protct Makarov, but to keep tabs on Niklas in case he tried anything,

Makarov-083 looked down towards Tu, ignoring the fact that she dared touch him. "The Helmet would do no use, anymore. Vision is minamal inside of the helmet without a functioning Head's Up Display." Makarov-083 said, pacing towards his M6D Magnum [B] Sidearm. "Not to mention most of my scars, ARE from gunshots."

"tch." Tu said with a frown. Fine then. If he didn't appreciate her consern, she wouldn't try. "I'm sorry for trying." She said sarcastically. She began looking around. "So what do we do now? Without that helmet thing, you're pretty much useless with the whole finding him. My sensors sure as hell aint that good." She engaged them anyway, and began searching.

"Not exactly. I don't have motion-based sensors, all I rely on are neural enhancement. Technically, I can hear a pin drop during a sandstorm." Makarov-083 said, no boastful tone audible; as he then scanned the horizon. "Though I doubt he will stay for long, he won't risk another head on encounter; especially with the Incandescent Night inbound." Makarov-083 eventually lowered his M6G Magnum [B] again into an alert carry, looking towards the evening sun; sensing the dark figure of the RIFLE Incandescent Night.

"Estimate time, 0100 hours; F-72 Exoatmospheric Strike Fighter on-board AI isn't detecting any REFORMATION Signatures. Target, gone." Makarov-083 finally said, holstering his M6D Magnum [B].

Tu yawned and looked down at the ground. Her thoughts began wandering off, and she stared blankly for a good couple of minutes. Her thoughts ranged from her dinner from two weeks ago to her thoughts on her new acquaintance. She crossed her arms, and began thinking about their next plan of attack on the other soldier.

Makarov-083 stood a distance off; typing onto his forearm-mounted TechPad, answering the calls and reports of local RIFLE Units and Commanders; obviously busy. Looking up, Makarov-083 caught sight of the Mobile Command Center Unit being deployed from the RIFLE Incandescent Night, as the air-borne vessel slowly descended out of the sky and onto the ground; deploying REFORMATION Units, as the soldiers had their weapons raised; checking the scene.

One of the unit's approached the Colonel; bearing a blue stripe on his helmet instead of the white the other units had, speaking with Makarov-083 from afar. In the meantime, the other Units checked the bodies of civilians and police; checking with injured or alive witnesses, interrogating them on what they saw.

Tu looked up, and saw Makarov speaking with one of his men. Tu slowly wandered off, behind a building wall that was demolished. She quickly looked behind the wall to see if the Colonel was looking. She could do this by herself. She knew that if she tried going off on her own, The colonel would stop her. She backed off, farther away from Makarov. She'd take off as soon as she was a safe distance away, to far for him to stop her. She'd find this guy and wreck his day.

Makarov-083 was too busy discussing with the Officer of the REFORMATION Response Team; listening and speaking with the Officer, giving his report to the Officer. Suddenly, footsteps in the background caught the ears of the Colonel; turning to see who was walking behind him, despite the fact that most if not all REFORMATION Agent's were in the foreground of Makarov-083. He spotted nothing, furrowing his brow further before turning to face the REFORMATION Officer again.

On top of the rooftop a far distance, a cloaked figure watched as Tu wandered off away from the group. With his recollected M321 Multipurpose Grenade Launcher; the 'Headhunter' soon watched her disappear. Opening available REFORMATION COM Signals, Niklas-273 was soon capable of hacking into the network; cracking intel on this 'Tu-22KD BLINDER' which he heard Makarov-083 mention, opening the personal file which RIFLE has stored on the Titan. Scanning through the files, he soon found what he needed through the collected AI's which he stole from other ARMOR Super-Soldier's; working through the files quickly.

Suddenly, text on his HUD appeared; the information he needed:

<:: Tu-22KD BLINDER's Current Residence... Signature, 2-3K; Titan's Russia. ::>

Halting for a while, Niklas-273 then looked in the general direction which he was required to head; pacing a top the rooftops to his designation. Now, he had the element of surprise.

Tu began to sweat. It was a cold sweat. She had a cold. "Tch.." She was scanning the entire city for any trace of the soldier. Her tracking system was still malfunctioned from the earlier events. She scowled, and stopped on a rooftop. She tried to fix her trackin equipment, only to make it worse. She gave up and sighed, sitting on the edge of the rooftop. "Why can't I just go home..." She tied her hair back into a ponytail and coughed.

Niklas-273 approached the Titan's Russia tower, scanning the building from a piece of equipment he took from VETERAN-032; detecting the defense systems, the layout, and especially the Titan's inside the base. Slowly he approached, uncloaking himself as he then approached the base; hissing through his throat as he took in air to feed his lungs. Under a high sensor scan, he discovered a window which housed the Titan's inside the compound. Activating his Thruster Pack; the 'Headhunter' found his entrance to building, removing his M321 Multipurpose Grenade Launcher staring down at the Titans.

The twins heard the noise from down below. Klara was the first to get up. She checked the motion sensored cameras, revealing the soldier. "Tch.. Sister, darling, contact Tu for me, would you?" She said as she put her coat, hat, gloves, and boots on. She turned off the power grid on the base, making it so the soldier couldn't track them based on the equipment being used within the tower. Kira got up, quickly sent a message to Tu, and got dressed. She snuk out of her bedroom door to awake Zhanna. Kira shook her gently. "Zhanna, we seem to have a fourth guest at the tower. Whatever shall we do?" She said with a smile. Zhanna got up, and put on her boots. It began to snow outside. She quickly headed to the stairwell and grabbed all of her guns. Kira did the same. Klara began shutting down every electronic within a 3 mile radius of the tower. Soon, the soldier would not be able to use the majority of his equipment.

Tu quickly recieved the message, and like a bullet, she sped off to the tower. They'd have to rebuild it. What a pain this guy was turning out to be... around 5 miles away from the tower, she knew what they had done ahead of time. The power grid was turned off, and and Klara had activated the signal jammer. The majority of her equipment would also not work. She flew to a high altitude, using minamal jet power, in hopes of not alerting the soldier.

Klara, Kira, and Zhanna sat in the main hall of the tower, waiting for the "guest" to come up the stairwell. They readied their guns,

Niklas-273 was amused at the Titan's speed to dis-activate electronic systems. Still, he had the advantage; considering that the superiority of the RIFLE EMP-34 DPF/DPL Device was something that the Titan's did not have access to. Still, Sensor Equipment, Minor Magenetic's and Suit Control's were the ones to go. Pulling up his Artificial Intelligence Fragments,  Niklas-273 got a full sync of working equipment; minor stealth systems, major magnetic equipment, RIFLE Unlink, minor COM's. Sliding his M321 Multipurpose Grenade Launcher onto the Magnetic Holster on his back, he then removed a RIFLE FLARE-03 DPL/MTP Officer-Issue Magnum.

While no M6D Magnum, or even it's more powerful cousin: the [B] Issue; the F-3 Magnum had one major advantage to the M6D Magnum: the addition of deplorable triggered mines and incendiary explosions. The rounds were as small as 9mm, but deadly. Creeping up the stair-case to the Main-Hall using his Suppression Technology; Niklas-273 the activated his minor stealth, mostly distorting the super-soldier's image. Slowly, as he soon caught sight of Titan's he crept into sustainable cover. Removing one of his dead allies 'Armor Ability', the Hologram; Niklas-273 slid the flat casing across the floor, as the effects would soon pop-up with a realistic copy of Niklas-273; facing the Titan's with his M321 Grenade Launcher pointed at them.

This would draw gun fire quickly.

Tu arrived at the tower quikly. She heard a few gunshots. "Tch. It can't be helped." She backed off, scanned the tower, and flew head on to supporting beams of the tower. They had a rather small tower, and causing it to collapse would be simple. It would be a risk on her own life, however. Above, the other Titans felt the tower begin to move. Zhanna ordered her teammates to retreat. Running in a circular formation with eyes pointing in every direction, they began to run to the back of the tower. Tu, still down below was knocking at the supporting structure. The tower quicky collapsed, Tu under all of the rubble. The tower fell down, the majority of it into freezing waters. The top part would surely fall into the water. Niklas would get thrown deep under the water, as would the other titans.

Niklas-273's Armor instantly responded to the change in temperature; rising to temperatures of a hot summer day to keep the Super-Soldier's body active. The Armor had specifically been designed for Extra-Vehicular Activity in zero-gee environments and Orbital Combat; making easy for Niklas-273 to respond to the sudden change of land to water. However, the Think Clad wasn't exactly designed to be in the water for too long. To escape sinking to death, Niklas-273 activated his Thruster-Pack; tossing him out of the water in a huge splash as he came in, hovering above the cold watery surface, beads of water rolling down his clad.

Looking towards Tu, he growled; before fazing into invincibility again, disappearing from sight. Suddenly, a sound of an air-borne ship came into attendance; on the side of the vessel being stenciled with the RIFLE Insignia and the Russian Federation Flag. Water splashed away from the thrusters which blew into the cold liquid; it's spot-light being deployed, examining the structure and how it was REMOVED from it's foundation forcibly. Suddenly, the spotlight then turned to face Tu; staring at her down as it waited. Waited for movement below the water.

Tu looked up at th light. She was reminded about her leg, and all of the pain set in instantly. Everything hurt. She tried removing the rubble. Not much had fallen on her, but it was still a pain to remove. She shoved the last peice of of her, and ran towards the water, scanning for her teammates.

The trio was trapped under the water, struggling for air. Zhanna kicked a window in and began to swim up. The twins had cut themselves, and Klara had a gash in her arm, with blood flooding out of the wound. As the twins went out through the glass hole that Zhanna had made, Kira had cut her legs. Still, they swam upward, shivering, lungs being filled with ice and water. Tu would certainly get yelled at.

Tu stood by the waters edge. She couldn't go in.. all of her units would break down, all of it. She'd be nothng but a heap of scrap metal until Klara had the time to fix her. That is, if they made it out alive..

Hovering overhead, the RIFLE D77-TDV Darter Airborne Vessel soon pulled towards the shore; opening his troop-bay on the left and right side of the vehicle, allowing a detachment of a REFORMATION Response Team to deploy. Officer headed towards the water; offering hands, pulling out the remainder of the Titan team as they drifted towards the shore; either struggling to breath or not. Offering Temporal Shock supplies such as blankets, towels and seats; the Officers made sure to treat the shock of the survivors; discussing with them, rather than comforting them, about the encounter they had with the rogue ARMOR Agent.

Another Officer walked forward, bearing the Commander Insignia of the REFORMATION Response Team; walking towards Tu, carrying down a touch pad device with the REFORMATION Insignia. He wore a grey uniform, silver bars aligning the side on the cuffs and the collar of his Uniform. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. A lot of trouble we are in tonight, aren't we Tu-22KD BLINDER?"

She grinned. She tried not to, but couldn't seem to help herself. "Yeah, yeah I guess so, but hey, we all get in trouble, right? I guess I'm just having a bad day." She began laughing. All of this nonsense, all because she tried to be nice. "Follow your instincts, dear". Those were the last things she heard from her mother before being taken away. She began laughing hard. She couldn't stop. Zhanna looked up at her teammate, laughing. She shoved aside the officer that was questioning her. She got up and began to yell at Tu. "How could you! It was you who knocked the tower over, you could have killed us!" She shouted other nonsense at her teammate. Tu smiled at her, and took in all of what she said. The twins sat silently, close to eachother. They had answered everything already, and had nothing left to say to the officers. Still, they were asked many more questions. Instead of awnsering with "I don't know" or "Maybe" they sat in silence, looking at there leader and Tu.

"Private Markin, seperate these two!" The REFORMATION Commander growled; lowering his touch pad, waving over a Officer with a white stripe running down his helmet over. Jogging over, Markin tried to subdue Zhanna; pulling her away from two as the Private waved over two Shock Officers, telling her clearly: "Calm down. Your in shock, you have hypothermia. We. Need. You. To. Relax."

Watching for a bit, the Commander turned back to Tu; saying: "You must, forgive your friend. It must have been tramatic to be, under ice cold water for that period of time. Now, I do believe you came into contact with Niklas-273? And if so, what equipment was he using? So far we only have a Cloaking Unit, Time Distortion Unit, Sprinting Unit, and Shielding Enhancement Unit. Is there, anything else you saw?"

Tu smiled and looked back at her leader, who was acting like a child, throwing a temper tantrum. "I have no idea. I wasn't paying attention." She turned back to face the officer. "He probably had a bunch of guns and explosives. that sort of thing." She kept grinning.

Zhanna, who was still having a fit, began shouting at Tu in broken English. Klara and Kira got up and each grabbed one of her hands. They all sat down, with the twins on either side of Zhanna. A soldier came up with a blanked for Zhanna, and began draping it over her soldiers. Zhanna quickly threw the balnket off and began yelling. "Don't you DARE touch me! Don't go anywhere near me!" Kira picked up the blanket and waited for Zhanna to stop shouting to give it to her. Klara began to stroke Zhanna's hair, and quietly spoke to her. "Hush now, your making a fuss." Zhanna continued to shout.

By now, the REFORMATION Commander was clearly becoming annoyed; turning to face the Titan Leader, stern expression spread across his face. "Quiet! You think screaming will solve any problems?!" he growled, lowering his touch pad as he raised his shoulders; appearing much taller in this pose. Turning on his heel, he then faced Tu again; awaiting a Shock Officer to continue to treat Zhanna or that her allies would at least get her to be quiet.

"Anyways... What type of weapons? The only one we had registered to him was a B67 Individual Combat Rifle. Of course, he has stolen ARMOR Property in the past, such as one of the few M321 Multipurpose Grenade Launcher Prototypes; and an Officer's M6C SoCOM Magnum." The Commander explained, awaiting a response from Tu.

Zhanna was even more upset. "Why don't you come here, you little co-" Both of the twins had quickly put their hands over her mouth. Zhanna looked sternly at Kira, with Kira staring back. "I apologize, sir." She got up, leaving Zhanna to Kira. Klara walked calmy over to the Commander. "She is but a mere child, and she's always had a terrible temper." She stood next to Tu, who was no longer grinning. "Like I said, I don't know what e had on him. I wasn't paying attention. All I know was that it was some pretty heavy weaponry. That's all I have to say." She turned away from both her teammate and the Commander, and walked slowly towards the waters edge, keeping a distance.

The REFORMATION Commander watched as Tu pardoned herself to the shore; sighing as he then typed onto his touch-screen data pad. Eventually, he lowered his device; turning towards Klara, before sighing. He was obviously distressed, tired from a long night of command work. "No need, it's been a long night. And a situation like this doesn't make it any better. Still, I'm pretty sure the Colonel isn't too happy himself..." The Commander said, before looking into the night sky; seeing a RIFLE Vessel approach the shore.

REFORMATION Officers scattered around the island, setting up base; searching for any track the rouge element might have left behind. However, even this was hopeless. ARMOR Super-Soldiers were trained to engage and disengage without leaving any sort of track; visiual, chemical, nothing. Not even the well known 'Batman' could track an ARMOR Super-Soldier, even if he gave it his best. And this, even the Commander knew.

As the vessel descended, it kicked up dust and soil; before dropping a Moble Command Center on the beach of the island. Opening it's hatch, REFORMATION Scientists left the base; followed by Makarov-083, outside of his Venator-Class Armor. With the large bulk of the black and yellow armor removed; the Colonel's Nanocomposite Bodysuit, (while still present) was covered by the ARMOR Commander Uniform attachment. The Uniform appeared pure black as opposed to the REFORMATION's grey, covered in four golden bars around the cuffs of the uniform, the Colonel Insignia. On the left side of his uniforms chest, anyone could have bet that every medal in the Russian Military was present on his Uniform.

Walking forward, he looked as the REFORMATION Commander approached him. Makarov-083's expression, was very bitter and stern; something which would easily frighten someone in his presence.

Tu scowled upon seeing Makarov-083. She couldn't stand him. She wished he would just go away. She didn't mind working with his men, but him... She couldn't stand him. "He 'aint here, so you might as well leave. Our island sure as hell 'aint becomin' your new base." She said looking at him with a look of disgust.

Makarov-083 looked up at Tu for a moment, before looking back down at the REFORMATION Commander. He finished his brief conversation with the Commander before pacing over towards Tu; he looked down here, as the Mobile Command Center was secured to the earth. "As of REFORMATION Protocol, it is our duty to investigate the scene; dispose of abnormalities. However, it should be quick; I myself doubt we can find and evidence." Makarov-083 said.

Klara, Kira and Zhanna got up, and set the blanket down. Zhanna was leading her cousins. She walked quickly, stomping. "Look, there's probably not any evidence here, so if you could just leave? As you can probably see, we're kinda homeless." She pointed to the wreckage. The twins looked down, sorrowful eyes.

Makarov-083 turned his head slightly to face Zhanna, his eyes a furious blue. Even out of his VENATOR-Class Armor, he stood 7'3", was heavily muscular, and was just overall a large human being. "REFORMATION Protocol stands, whether you decide it to or not, Titan Leader." He said with a dull tone, ignoring the wreckage that Zhanna was pointing to, "And I believe you should have plans for something of this side."

Suddenly a flare went off on a Communications Terminal, a REFORMATION Officer waving over Makarov-083; as the Colonel approached the Officer. "Sir, Logistics Enactment Division-IV Holding Facility is experiencing problems! Code: Reliquary!" the Officer exclaimed, handling the terminal. "Confirm that LED-IV Holding Facility is experiencing problems relating to Reliquary, Command." Makarov-083.

A moment of silence spread eerely around the island, before a voice on the other end of the terminal responding with slight static: "C-Confirm!" Makarov-083 looked up, glancing back at the Titans; before returning his attention to the terminal. "Copy that, RIFLE Colonel to Holding Facility; relay inbound siren. Echo-Tango, prepare for manual lift-off and insertion, prepare my set of WETWORK-Class Armor. Over."

Makarov-083 then turned away from the terminal, as a D77-TVD Darter Dropship keyed it's ignition; opening it's shuttle bay as the Colonel soon took foot inside the vessel. "Titans, REFORMATION Agents should be finished in approx. 12 minutes, otherwise, they'll be staying too long. Makarov-083, out." the Colonel called out, before turning to the inside of the shuttle, the shuttle-bay closing it's primary hatch; before taking off the ground.

"Tch. Thank the stars he's gone. I wish we could get a restraining order against him..." Zhanna sighed, kecking at the rubble. She climbed inside the base of the tower to grab any belongings. The twins followed. Luckily, only the very top had gotten immersed. Tu looked down the base of the tower, watching her comrades search for their stuff. They began bringing stuff out. Soon, all three had come out. "I...I'm sorry.." Tu's eyes wettened. "I had risked your lives.." Zhanna looked at Tu. The small titan wrapped her arms around Tu. Tu was family. "Don't be a baby. You did what you had do, kay?" She stepped back with a smile. "Klara, Kira, I'm in no condidtion to go under the water, and Tu cannot go under either. Can you go and gather as much stuff as possible?" Zhanna ordered. It wasn't a question. They would do it.

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