Vital statistics
Real Name {{{real name}}}
Aliases The Glass Sword
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Bad jokes, puns
Dislikes Complicated things
Place of Origin United States
Residence Titans tower Miami
Relatives unknown
Allies All Titans
Enemies All Titan enimies
Affiliations Titans Miami
Powers & Abilities
Powers Has no true superpowers; uses a weapon he designed to fight. See Weapons and artifacts for more info.
Weaknesses No true superpower. See weapons and artifacts
Equipment Gram fights with a weapon he himself designed. The basic apparatus is a metal sword handle, with a trigger on it, with a metal rod on top. On top of this; he puts an interchangeable glass blade.
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Gram is the third member of Titans Miami . He's always had a will and desire to be a superhero, and created his own weapon specifically for the purpose of doing so.


Coming soon


Gram is the joker of the team, taking pride in creating clever taunts as he and the group fight. Due to his sense of humor, he's usually the moderator in the event of a fight on the team, unless he's involved in the fight. However, the joker side of him belies a true friend and hero. He's still, at times, wonders how he managed to become a superhero, and is one of the more naive members of the team.


He has no true superpower, instead relying on mastery of his weapon. Although he has no power, he also has no weaknesses due to his power.


Gram uses what he calls a glass sword. Basically, it's a metal sword handle with detachable glass blades. Unlike most swords, he is able to use it as a projectile weapon, although he is reluctant to do so, considering he can only carry so many blades in a quiver-like scabbard on his back. The main idea behind its design was to create a sword that was as effective in melee combat as in long range combat. The glass blades are fragile, and make it far more practical to dodge attacks than to block them. However, they can be far sharper than metal blades, and can be produced in mass quantity. Gram typically carries ten to twelve blades with him at all times, switching them through a special scabbard on his back. Since the scabbard is so large, it is occasionally an impediment to movement, and Gram will occasionally take it off when fighting a particularly fast foe.


Gram has jet black hair, and dark eyes. He has a very lean build, as it makes it easier to dodge attacks. He keeps his sword with him at all times. He wears a medieval style outfit, but it is a very light version.

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