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Vital statistics
Real Name Glacie Glass
Aliases TBA
Gender Female
Species Elf
Status Active
Alignment Good
Likes Snow, cold places
Dislikes Fire, sun
Place of Origin Glassglada; Fae world
Residence E.L.F. HQ
Relatives Aurora and Blizzard Glass
Allies E.L.F. members; other super heroes
Enemies All villains
Affiliations E.L.F.
Powers & Abilities
Powers Snow manipulation
Weaknesses Fire, sunlight
Equipment Icicle necklace (enhances her powers)
First Appearance E.L.F.

Glacie is a shy snow elf who works for the E.L.F. organization.


Glacie is very very shy compared to other shy and introverted people. She only talks when she wants to talk or if someone brings her into a conversation. Glacie can be a promising leader though if time does call for it.


Glacie was born in the shivering cold city of Glassglada. She was taught by her mother and father to control her snow powers. Everything was fine when she was growing up. But one day, when she was 9, a strong blizzard came in the city and both of her parents went out to try and calm it down using their powers. (Usually they'd be doing that for every blizzard they had in Glassglada.) But the blizzard was too powerful and eventually froze them to death. That made a big impact in Glacie's life and caused her to be very introverted and super shy. When she was 13, she isolated herself from the Glassgladians who were living near her and often came out when she needed to, but that was because she figured out her powers were too strong at that time and was fueled with anger and rage. Glassglada was then attacked by a enemy city: Caladwen when she was 14. She eventually had to leave her home and went to the capital city of the Fae world: Latinyanda. One day, when she was 15 (her current age), she was walking in the nearby market to steal some food (she was a thief ever since her parents died and she ran out of cash) and saw the princess getting attacked. Khione was there as well but she was too busy fending the princess to realize there was another attacker and the other attacker attacked the princess from her behind. Seeing that her royal highness was in danger, Glacie used her snow powers to aid Khione and together they defeated and arrested the attackers. At that time, Khione was looking for recruits for the E.L.F. organization and asked her if she was willing to join them. At first Glacie refused since she didn't work too well with groups. But she agreed since she does get a free home and food.


Melee Combat

  • master acrobatic

Snow Manipulation


Coming soon

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