"It's great to finally meet you guys!"
— Ginger Ninja when she met Titans West for the 1st time New Teammate

Ginger Ninja
Ginger ninja
Vital statistics
Real Name Kino Hirestuna
Aliases Little Red (Cyborg)
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Active
Alignment Titans West
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Place of Origin Japan
Residence japan
Relatives unknown
Allies Titans West
Enemies Samu-sa
Affiliations Titans Japan
Powers & Abilities
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Weaknesses N/A
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First Appearance New Teammate
Ginger Ninja is a member of Titans Japan.


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Possible Love Interest

Robin: After Starfire left for Tamaran for a bit, Hirestuna and Robin started liking each other, but then fades after she had to go back to Japan.

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