"A sword crafted by Light in the darkness of Tartarus...simply breathtaking."

-Gilgamesh; after forging the unifier.

Arturios before giving up his wings
Vital statistics
Real Name Gilgamecki
Aliases The Hero King, Hero of Heroes
Gender Male
Species A free Angel
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Peace and serenity, Swords and all ancient weaponry, forging weapons
Dislikes Any one who steals forging materials from his domain, the Titans and the Wanderers at a disagreement
Place of Origin The Highest
Residence Unknown
Relatives Azriath-brother(supposedly), Chrxion and Rexion-(nephews from Mithral)
Allies Teen Titans, Endless Wanderers, The Light
Enemies Many a man who trifles with the Light
Affiliations Any good person(so far)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Above Kryptonian capabilities, weapon manipulation, vast magical capabilities
Weaknesses He is easily subdued when he life of others are on the line
Equipment The Gate of Babylon, Ellendini
First Appearance Im still starting with it...


Gilgamesh's face has never been seen, yet. He wears this some sort of armor though rumored to weigh nearly a ton, he is still capable of moving to the speed of light. He wears a long red cape and his voice is quite gentle. He has a gold mallet in his right side which is called the Vulcan.

Biography and Story

Gilgamesh is heralded as the Hero King, he is unknown to much as an angel. He was a member of the Order of the Highest, he is also one of the few angels who freely roam this Earth for as long as they wish. He gave the blessing to form the 5 Pillars (now Endless Wanderers), he also crafted all the Light's World Shapers; including the Horizon and the Unifier. The last sighting of Gilgamesh was in the dubbing of the Endless Wanderers; after that event he was never seen again. Though secretly he helps the Wanderers and the Titans in their mutual relationships and emotions, he plays the part of a wise man for the 2 groups.


His personality is pretty common, it is similar to Dumboldore's. So he's quite the riddle man, he doesn't want the answers in a silver platter.

Powers, Weapons and Abilities

Powers and Abilities:

He has the ability to craft any weapon on the spot, he can utilize special swords and other weapons through the Gate of Babylon. He has vast magical powers, he is an extreme telepath and has is very resistant to any form of harm. He also has minor control over some of the elements.


Swords - his swords are crafted from metals found only in the Highest. He usually prefer straight swords.

Spears - like the swords the spear's materials are indigenous to the Highest. He usually uses cross spears.

Other Weapons - he has an unlimited arsenal of weapons at his disposal making him a very hard opponent.

Elledini - his most trusted weapon, the true form of Ellendini is still not known as it takes many different types of weaponry.

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