After being experimented on Jake Klint became Gambler .


From a young age Jake had enjoyed taking a gamble. In his teenage years he got in too deep. He was in so much debt that he was taken by those he owed money to. They experimented with multiple drugs causing him to go insane. He escaped killing many of his captors. Now he seeks out those he can feed off there emotions.


Gambler can only get thrills from making others suffer. He does not just kill them. He makes them suffer. He is a good actor allowing him the ability to seem innocent or hurt. Truthfully he is pure evil.


He has gray hair that reaches to his neck. He wears a ed bandana covered by his Baseball cap. He wears a mostly brown outfit. Jacket,Shirt, arm band, belt, and shoes.


Jake has become a master fighter. What the injections did most was allow him faster reaction time. Not only with his body but also with his mind. Although insane he is a genius. Able to know when and where certain events will occur.

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