"Tou forgot to add one small detail to your equation: a chance of a sudden storm..."

Vital statistics
Real Name Megan Rystar
Gender female
Species human
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes reading manga, drawing, proving shes right
Dislikes being wrong, being embarrassed
Place of Origin earth
Residence New titans tower
Relatives not known
Allies all titans
Enemies The peace keeper
Affiliations New teen tians
Powers & Abilities
Powers control over wind
Weaknesses bad at hand to hand combat
Equipment none
First Appearance New teen titans

One of the co-founders of the New Teen Titans. She is 10 years old and one of the youngest member of the team (besides Blade). She is best friends with Whitefire in which they have a big-little sister relationship.

She often argues with Blade until Barren breaks it up and their fights (Blade and Gale) are usually called a lovers' quarrel by Quick Shot.


She likes being right all the time and will even carry books to support her standpoint. Gale is also proven to be quite intellectual for her age and artistically talented (as expressing herself with drawings). She carries a proud and obstinate attitude despite the situation. Being wrong will trigger her to get angry easily, so most of the Titans avoid causing trouble (unless absolutely neccessary).


Early life 2035

She was born in an area where people were testing the effects of an unknown substance found in a crashed meteor nearby.The scientists found out that if the substance was melted down, it could bring full health and immunity.One scientists volunteered his daughter Gale(or Megan, her real name) because she was born with tuberculosis and she would only survive for a few weeks. They gave her a chemically infused antidote and it brought her back to health. Unknownst by the scientists, there were other side effects to the drug. Shortly after Gale was exposed, her neighbor hood was hit by a storm. The chemicals reacted with the natural elements and infused with her DNA. It took control of the wind and gave her super-human powers. Further study later showed that if another earthly element (such as fire or water) had surrounded her at the time, she would have gotten that power instead.

Jump city 2045

After hearing about the New Teen Titans, she decided to seek out and join them (recieving full support from her parents, afraid she might unintentionally wreak havoc). When she offered her assistance, she was denied at first by the Titans. But Gale's persistance eventually led her to rescuing them during a rockslide. Demonstrating her abilities, she easily lifted the rocks with her wind powers and gained her acceptance.

Powers and Weaknesses


Control over wind: A side effect of the drug, she has the ability to control wind and the weather.

Flight: Enabled by forming strong gusts of wind to carry her weight.


Hand-to-hand combat: She fails terribly at this and instead relies on her powers.

Hostage situation: Almost every hero has this problem.




  • "I am always right!"
  • "Dont go in her room without asking,"
  • "Dont touch her books,"


  • She is one of the few Titans who have not yet reached their teenage years.
  • Her name refers to a "a gale"; a type of wind
  • She possesses a necklace with a G on it.

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