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Vital statistics
Real Name Yisher Polu
Aliases N/A
Gender Male
Species Ferge
Status Active
Alignment Hero
Likes advanced technology
intelligent people
showing off his smartness
Dislikes being called stupid
really non-advanced technology
simple things
Place of Origin TBA
Residence Central Titans HQ
Relatives Unknown
Allies Titans
Enemies The Gang
Affiliations Central Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Technology Manipulation
Weaknesses TBA
Equipment Microchip necklace (microchip can cause any computer to crash once it has been inserted inside)
First Appearance WIP

Fritz is a 17 year old purebreed Ferge. He is also a member of the Central Titans.


He's very outgoing and kind but also very egotistical when it comes to informing others. When explaining complicated math or just something complicated in general, he'll often get smug.

Fritz hardly gets upset but when someone calls him stupid or dumb he goes ballistic and won't talk to that person for days (could go on for weeks depending on how bad the insult was).


He was born into a purebreed family of Ferge, Yisher grew up enamored with other races tech. The Ferge race is light years beyond most races when it comes to technology. However they do study other cultures of other worlds. Upon his advancement to watching sector 2814, he was attacked by his predecessor. Part of his ship broke off and plummeted to Earth. Upon finding it he discovered it had bonded to a human girl. Together with others he defeated Zombie like creatures Relina, his predecessor, unleashed on Earth. Now he stays on Earth trying to get his armor back.


Technology Manipulation


Coming soon

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