"The fox is on the prowl" - Fox


Fox is 6 feet tall. He is covered in weaponry and has a cybernetic eye, giving him fox-like hearing, speed, and stealth. He has a claw-like glove on his right hand, a Robin-like mask, and spiked hair.


Fox's main trait is his very dry sense of humor. He laughs rarely, and is emotionally tough. The only time he expresses feeling is when he is talking to fellow Titans West member Flame-wing, whom he has feelings for. In battle, he can be seen joking with fellow member Crackle.

He views life sometimes as a cruel joke, when in a battle between the Teen Titans and Brotherhood of Evil killed his whole family. He knows the Titans mean well, but he seeks full revenge on the Brotherhood of Evil, not stopping till every single member is destroyed.


Expert Marksman

  • Can shoot a fly from 20 feet off

Fox-like stealth

  • With which he got his name. He is extremely quiet and can blend in to any shadow

Claw-like glove

  • Designed by Fox himself, it can slice through anything short of durasteel.


  • Loosely based on the video-game character of the same name

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