"I can heal you if you would let me."-Fora'y

Fora'y the Caring
Vital statistics
Real Name Fora'y
Aliases Dr Fora'y, Maid
Gender Female
Species Human/Florambin
Status alive
Alignment Good
Likes flowers, bunnies, catuses, medicene, music
Dislikes Evil, weeds, wilting
Place of Origin Florambo
Residence Florambo
Relatives Unknown
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Lakanov
Affiliations Titans Intergalactic
Powers & Abilities
Powers Flight, control over grass and poison
Weaknesses weeds, heat
Equipment Cactus Friends
First Appearance Titans Intergalactic


Fora'y is 5 feet tall. Fora'y has pink hair. Her eyes are amber. She wears a grass bra and a grass skirt. She is barefoot. She has a green rose in her hair. She can always be found with her bunny and cactus friends.


Fora'y was gravely sick when she was born. Doctors almost gave up on her. Her mother abandoned her, her situation got worse and worse. It wasn't until a female astronaut adopted her that she started feeling better. Ever since then, she made medicene and helped the sick. That is how she got the title Caring.  She came to Earth when she turned 13. She wanted to heal everyone in the universe. She joined the Titans Intergalactic in order to make sure that nobody gets hurt. She loves to help people and learn about new ways to help people.


Fora'y is loving and considerate. She can be clumsy sometimes. She loves to sing and make music with Naka. She doesn't like to fight also.

Powers and Weapons


Fora'y can fly for very long periods of time.

Control over Grass and Poison

Fora'y can use grass and poison to make medicenes. She can also use this to fight.

Cactus Friends

Fora'y has cactus friends that shoot poison thorns at enemies.

  • Fora'y at age 13

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