Character Summary

Flash Girl is the new Teen Titans season 6 character joining the Titans East. She will soon be voiced by Dakota Fanning in the season 6 episode: Chimpified Twins and also in the season 7 episode: The Aftershock.

Flash Girl
Vital statistics
Real Name Tiffany Johnson
Aliases Laser powers and zapping abilities
Gender Female
Species Young Human Girl
Status Alive

Turned into a stone statue in the season 7 episode: The Aftershock

Alignment Good to the soul
Likes Comic books, fashion teen magazines, video games and hanging around with Speedy
Dislikes Other people (especially Beast Boy) who play jokes and pranks on her
Place of Origin Los Angeles
Residence Jump City
Relatives Light-Match (her cousin)
Allies Titans East
Enemies Super Villains
Affiliations Teen Titans and Titans East
Powers & Abilities
Powers Laser Fingers
Weaknesses Jinx's evil black magical powers
Equipment Zap-O-Tron Dispenser Gun
First Appearance Chimpified Twins

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