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Flaire profile pic
Vital statistics
Real Name Sapphire Brooks
Aliases Blue Lightning
Gender Female
Species Witch
Status Active
Alignment Good
Likes lightning
her magic powers
Dislikes Thunder
people playing pranks on her
Place of Origin Star City
Residence Civic City
Relatives Bellatrix Brooks (aunt)
Allies TBA
Enemies TBA
Affiliations Archangels of War
Powers & Abilities
Powers Plasma Attacks
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment Bell hair stick
A pipe that she uses to smoke
First Appearance Archangels of War

Flaire is a member of the Archangels of War.


Flaire is a bit hot headed but she is also prone to forgive others very easily. She also trusts others very easily. Thus this has put her in many dangerous situations. She's also a pacifist and tries to avoid fighting.


Flaire has a bad habit of smoking.


Flaire has lost her parents by accidentally setting her house on fire by using her lightning manipulation powers. Her aunt, Bellatrix Brooks, always told her it was an accident they set on themselves.

Flaire was home schooled by her aunt and she never got to see the outside world like she wanted to. Flaire had to learn how to control her powers by herself as well.

She moved to Civic City and saved civilians from Doctor Light (who was currently robbing banks again in that city because he wanted to go rob a different bank in a different city). Athanasia saw her in action and saw that she'd be a good member of their team so Athanasia asked Flaire if she can join and Flaire agreed and she is now apart of their team.


Plasma Attacks


  • Plasma Bolt: conjures a ball formed out of pure plasma and uses it to attack a target
  • Double plasma bolts: conjures two plasma bolts and fires it at a target
  • Nikud bolt thrower: conjures six plasma bolts and rapidly fires it at a target
  • Flaire's festival: A signature attack. Conjures as many plasma bolts as she can and fires all at a single target
  • Triad Throw: three plasma bolts are conjured and are fired at a target


  • Circle of lightning: conjures five plasma bolts and they start circling around her and gradually increases speed until they all connect and form a ring around Flaire. This is best used for defense


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