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Fire elf girl
Vital statistics
Real Name Fia Melui
Aliases Fia
Gender Female
Species Elf
Status Active
Alignment Good; Fae World
Likes Fire, hot places, Jackra
Dislikes Cold places, water, other girls flirting with Jackra
Place of Origin Fae world
Residence E.L.F. HQ
Relatives Amaterasu ("sister"/friend)
Allies E.L.F. members, other super heroes
Enemies All villains
Affiliations E.L.F.
Powers & Abilities
Powers Fire manipulation
Weaknesses Water based attacks
Equipment None
First Appearance TBA

Fia is the fire elf who works for the E.L.F. organization. She is the daughter of a famous lord everybody in the Fae knows about. Fia is also the apprentice of the famous fire elf: Nairë.


Fia is very snarky and sarcastic due to the fact that she has been raised to be "proper" and feminine. She is also the queen of comebacks.



Fia was born into a very rich life. As well as a controlled one since her father is a well known elf Lord. She was taught how to be very 'proper' and 'feminine' but she doesn't want to be all of that. So to be rebellious, she started being snarky and sarcastic. She also taught herself how to take anything anyone says and use it against them which earned her the title: Queen of comebacks. Fia was also taught by the Fae world's most renown fire elf mage: Nairë. She taught her all of her signature attacks and even taught Fia how to make her own signature attacks as well as how to make attacks more powerful. Nairë was one of Fia's best friends at that time. This made Fia more powerful and was named the second best fire elf in the Fae world. When Fia turned 16 (her current age) Nairë was asked to join the E.L.F. organization but declined saying that she won't help humans at all. But Nairë recommended her apprentice: Fia. And Fia accepted their offer.

Meeting Amaterasu

Sometime in Fia's studies with Nairë, she met Amaterasu. Amaterasu was about to attack Fia but Fia somehow knew Amaterasu wasn't a wolf. So Fia "tamed" her. It was really hard to explain since Fia's hunches were always right. Amaterasu transformed one full moon and Fia kind of freaked out. She then told Fia about her curse and Fia. Fia didn't want to do anything with it at first but she was saved by Amaterasu from a couple of bandits. Fia then said she was in debut to Amaterasu and she'll life the curse some how. After that, they became really good friends and both went to the E.L.F. organization when Nairë requested that Fia goes in her place. The two often help each other when it comes to combat and Fia is often seen riding on Amaterasu outside or walking next to her in the E.L.F. HQ.


Melee combat

  • master hand to hand combatant

Fire manipulation


Coming soon

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