Vital statistics
Real Name Fenrir
Aliases Wolf of the North Wind
Gender Male
Species spliced elemental
Status dormant
Alignment nuetral
Likes calm, battle, Aron
Dislikes Shadi
Place of Origin unknown
Residence subspace in Shadi's staff
Relatives none
Allies Shadi, Aron
Enemies unknown
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Complete Control of Water, Ice, and Wind
Weaknesses Lightning Attacks
Equipment none
First Appearance yet to be revealed



Fenrir is an elemental beast from beyond Meridians borders. He is the result of Shadi's element splicing spell. Normally Shadi can summon sprites of the elements even lowly beings. However during and elemental splicing experiment, Shadi fused Wind, Water, and Ice elements together and created Fenrir. Fenrir, preefers to use his water and ice attacks rather than manipulate the wind, though it is his wind manipulation ability that earnied him his nickname. He follows Shadi loyaly, but is seen rarely. Normaly Fenrir exists in a subspace that lies in Shadi's staff. when needed, Fenrir can be summoned from said staff to do battle. Fenir is loyal, but can be irritable. He sometimes questions Shadi's motives in life which is why he often hides in the staff, often saying Shadi is not powerful enough to control him. But in actuality Fenrir believes he is far more than worthy.

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