Fear - My Design
Vital statistics
Real Name Belladonna Crowe
Aliases Fear, Fear Itself, The Scarecrow Queen
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes Horror, Halloween, the sounds of screams, Eklypse
Dislikes Happiness
Place of Origin Gotham
Residence Jump City's House of Horrors
Relatives Jonathan Crowe (Adoptive father), murdered mother and father, Eklypse (Crush)
Allies Scarecrow (Jonathan Crowe)
Enemies Titans Earth
Affiliations The Scream Team (Originally), The Projectile (Soon)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Uses fear gas to manipulate her enemies, a dark magic spell book which allows her to do all sorts of evil things.
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment Fear Gas, her dark magic spell book called Necro Phobialis, her scythe
First Appearance Titans Earth: One Halloween Night

"The only thing you have to fear is Fear Itself. Now who is Fear Itself you ask ... ME!!!"
— Fear

Belladonna Crowe is the adoptive daughter of Jonathan Crowe (AKA: The Scarecrow). She lives up to her father and uses the same techniques as him. She was part of the Scream Team, a gang of scary criminals run by her father along with Phobia, the Puppet King and a few others. She now looking to join the team of super-villains that call themselves The Projectile. She is currently living in the abandoned Jump City's House of Horrors where she nearly scares to death anyone foolish enough to go in there. She also seems to have a crush on the demon of Titans Earth, Eklypse.

Personality and Appearance

Fear is quite a strange girl. From the age of 9 she was into all things scary and spooky. This may have been because her adoptive father, Jonathan Crowe, the Scarecrow, a villain who used fear for his own personal gain. Fear's costume is like a scarecrow but her skin is meant to look pale. When she's not in costume she has pale skin, green eyes and flowing, black hair.


Fear started off with using a scythe and her father's fear gas but when she was thirteen she came across a German dark magic spell book called Necro Phobialis. This spell book gives her the ability to use black magic and make Halloween come to life. She has memorised most of the spells in the book and keeps her fear gas as a back-up. As well as all this, Fear is very flexible and acrobatic so she can climb and fit through small spaces with ease. She hasn't really got any weaknesses except if you disarmed her of her scythe, fear gas and spell book but that is extremely hard.


Fear's real parents were murdered by an unknown culprit when she was 3 months old. When she was 2 Jonathan Crowe (AKA: Scarecrow) adopted her and raised her as his apprentice. From then on she became part of the Scream Team which included Scarecrow, Phobia and a bunch of other fear related villains. She quit the Scream Team when she realised she was strong enough to go solo. She now resides in Jump City's House of Horrors. Fear is now part of The Projectile a team of super villains that are bent on world domination and won't let anyone stop them.

(A creation of Jono46)

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