Fallout Agency
Fallout Agency logo

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Team statistics
Team Name Fallout Agency
Aliases F.A.
Leader Unknown for now
Members Candelora, Shards, Blade Cutter, Sabre, Joshua Wardd
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Headquarters F.A. HQ
Allies Heroes, Teen Titans
Enemies Villains
Affiliations Heroes
First Appearance On this wiki

The Fallout Agency is an organization planning to take down "AIO", which stands for "Aquire Intelligence to Overthrow".

Team's Current Members

Candelora (Codename: Weapon): disguised as a school girl.

Shards (Codename: Glass): double agent, spying on AIO.

Blade Cutter (Codename: Blade): an ex-member from the Black Organization who joined the agency just for their protection.

Sabre (Codename: Fear): disguised as a fancy woman.  Longest living member of F.A.

Hood (Codename: Acro): goth who is protective of his teammates.

((If you want to join, please comment down below~!))

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