Falkyra is 1 of the new super villain characters in the 6th season. She is to be voiced by Madison Pettis ever since her voice acting career as Zuri in The Lion Guard series, in the 2018 season 6 episode 613: "The Dark Side of the Moon". She's got the powers to turn other people and all sorts of critters into stone statues.

Falkyra transformation picture
Vital statistics
Real Name N/A
Aliases Dark magic powers and petrifying abilities
Gender Female
Species Young Human Girl
Status Alive, later deceased at the end
Alignment Bad to the bone
Likes Turning other people and critters into stone statues, crime and destruction
Dislikes Being defeated
Place of Origin
Residence Jump City
Relatives The Crimson Scorpion (her cousin)
Allies Slade and his evil army
Enemies Teen Titans, Titans East and Titans West
Affiliations Other super villains
Powers & Abilities
Powers Petrification powers
Equipment N/A
First Appearance "The Dark Side of the Moon"

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