Faith as pink raven pointing to beastboy
Vital statistics
Real Name Raven
Aliases PR (Pink Raven)
Gender Female
Species human/demon hybrid
Status Active
Alignment hero
Likes hanging out with BeastBoy, reading romance books, flirting with BeastBoy, flirting with cute guys in general, meditating with Starfire, chess, romanctic movies, herbal tea
Dislikes Raven, Starfire being hyper, Trigon, Slade
Place of Origin Azarath
Residence Jump City
Relatives Raven ('Twin sister'), Trigon (father), Arella (mother)
Allies Aqualad, Kid Flash, Jinx, Bluefire, Plasma, Speedy, BumbleBee, Mas y Menos
Enemies Slade, Trigon
Affiliations Titans East
Powers & Abilities
Powers Astral projection Demon transformation Levitation Advanced Telekinesis Telekinetic blasts Telekinetic bursts Telekinetic bolts Telekinetic waves Telekinetic shields/barriers Long-distance Teleportation Above-average physical condition Experienced hand-to-hand combatant Multilingualism Empathy Empathic healing Telepathy Time Control , Acrobatics,

Empathic Creation & Projection Ability-granting Ability Augmentation & Enhancement Ability Control

Weaknesses none
Equipment pink jeweled necklace Arella gave her
First Appearance none

"Well hello there handsome!"
— Faith flirting when she sees a cute boy

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Faith is actually Raven's Pink Emotionclone. This original character is also shared with User:ShootingStarsSel.


Background Story

Faith was accidentally released by Raven. Faith was breaking every girls heart and flirting with every cute boy she sees. And Raven knew that it was up to her to catch her and put her back into her mind. When Raven catches pink Raven, she pleaded with her to set her free. She has never felt so free in her life. Raven knows that too and lets her go under some conditions: to not flirt with everybody she thinks is cute, to lay off of BeastBoy, to fight along with the Titans, and to not tell that she is also apart of Raven/Raven's mind. Pink raven agrees and together, they name her Faith.


Faith is a very hyper and bubbly girl. She loves hanging out with her friends, especially BeastBoy and Starfire. She is very flirtatious too when it comes to cute boys like Speedy and AquaLad. She gets more strength when she earns compliments (that's why Raven compliments her a lot so Faith has the will power to fight). But when she's down or angry, her personality changes. She snaps more, she complains a lot, and she tells cute boys to buzz off and also says to them that they are 'plug-ugly'. She also frowns a lot too. Also, when she's in that state, she likes to be quiet and keep to herself.


Faith has the exact same appearance as Raven except her cloak is pink and so is her gemstone on her forehead. Her hair is dyed pink and she grew it out so it's long and curly. She has purple eyes.


"Hey there handsome!"

"Whaccha got there?" -Faith to BeastBoy

"Raven, no matter how many times you tell me to stay away from him, I;m still going to love him," -Faith to Raven when Raven told her to back off of BeastBoy

"Well, I've heard that he's given up on you!" -Faith to Raven about BeastBoy's love for Raven

"I'm fine. Would you please stop that?" -faith in a bad mood

"Stop, calling me PR Raven!" -Faith to Raven

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