"We are the League of Warriors. Anyone who stands in our way, is the first to be our slave."
— Excaliver

Vital statistics
Real Name Arthur Xavier
Aliases Excaliver,
Gender Male
Species Foronian
Status Alive
Alignment Bad (Thinks he's good)
Likes Dueling, leading, swords
Dislikes Dragons, not being in charge, losing
Place of Origin Foronia
Residence Fort Farnius
Relatives Unknown
Allies Ninjette, Samurai, Poison
Enemies Titans Earth
Affiliations League of Warriors
Powers & Abilities
Powers Super-human strength and speed, sword fighting skills, flame magic
Weaknesses Over-confident
Equipment The Sword of Fire
First Appearance Titans Earth: Inter-Dimensional Invaders
Excaliver is the leader of the League of Warriors. Excaliver's name is a cross between the sword Excalibur and his last name Xavier. He is an elite knight from the dimension known as Foronia. Foronia is a medieval planet where magic and castles still exist. Excaliver was hired by the king of Foronia to lead an assembled group of warriors that would invade inter-dimensional planets. Excaliver is a skilled sword fighter and knows some fire magic. His sword is named the Sword of Fire because of its ability to set its blade on fire at will.

Excaliver's team includes Ninjette, Samurai and Poison. Ninjette is second in charge of the League of Warriors. The first planet they have invaded is Earth but with Titans Earth on the look out they have not been successful. After battle they retreat through a Rift Portal which teleports them back to Foronia.


Excaliver wears a suit of armor that is mostly red. The breast plate is black with his golden insignia in the middle. He has golden shoulder plates and wrist armor. He has retractable tri-blades in built into the gloves of his suit of armor. He wears a red helmet which conceals most of his head except his yes, nose and mouth. He has a long black cape that he will wear even in battle. It is said to be made of fine dragon scales so it makes his cape fire resistant. He has a red handle long-sword that can set its blade on fire.

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