Eugene Black
Vital statistics
Real Name Eugene Black
Aliases Eugene
Mr. Black
Gender Male
Species Metahuman
Status Alive
Alignment Bad
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Place of Origin
Residence Mobile
Relatives Madeline Black (sister)
Joshua Black (father)
Allies The Order
Affiliations The Order
Powers & Abilities
Powers Regeneration
Weaknesses Depression
Equipment Glock 19 Firearm
SiG554 (rare occasions)
First Appearance

"On the inside, we are all a little chaotic. Doesn't matter hero or villain, we are all equally as messed up."
— Eugene Black

Eugene Black is a metahuman with the powers of Regeneration. Despite such powers, Eugene belongs to a group of teenages The Order.


Eugene, although quite a clever individual has suffered many stages of depression due to life at home; more specifically his sister who has been diagnosed with a deadly cerebral hemorrhage. This caused an emotional breakdown, as he feels guilty that he has the potential to live forever without any bodily harm. Such feelings make Eugene violent and irrational, making him a staggering threat if ever enraged.

Despite his depression, Eugene is loving and caring of his sister--willing to protect her from any harm that may come upon her. He is also kind to those he believes deserve to be trusted, mostly people with Metahuman abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Since Eugene has the powers or regeneration, he can heal from life-threatened injuries in a matter of moments or hours depending on the severity. From his he is immune to foreign ailments or other potential injuries. This does not, however protect him completely from injury and does not augment his strength or speed in a fight; as those talents rely wholly upon his own physical achievement, making him as fast and strong as a regular human being.

Eugene has also proven to be a smart tactician and planner, able to identify the smallest things in a fight for his advantage. Although he can plan extraordinarily well, he rarely has the opportunity too and constantly messes up plans and procedures; as well as overlook small details.

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