Esper Conyae
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Vital statistics
Real Name Esper Conyae
Aliases Esper "Glee" Conyae
Gender Male
Species Human, anchorman
Status Alive
Alignment None
Likes Indecisive (He's insane)
Dislikes Indecisive (He's insane)
Place of Origin Cabella Islette, East Blue
Residence unknown
Relatives unknown
Allies none
Enemies World Government, Jordan Mockboy
Affiliations none
Powers & Abilities
Powers Mirror-Mirror Fruit
Weaknesses Water, Sea Prism, Physicaly weak, Mentaly defective
Equipment none
First Appearance yet to be revealed.
Esper is a Pirate who fought with Jordan Mockboy. and got sucked into the Universe of Meridian. He is Criminaly and clinicaly insane.


Years ago an inmate of the Grandline Insane Asylum broke free and wandered the ocean for 6 months. During that time he came acrost a cursed fruit. That fruit allowed Esper Conyae to absorb and redirect attacks of all kinds, even copying the powers of other cursed fruits for a short time. These were the powers of the Paramecia Mirror-Mirror Fruit. He escaped the world goverment and began wreaking havoc. They were powerless to stop him. He then was attacked by "The Most Powerful Man in the World". and during the fight they both got sucked into Astralagi's universe. Esper is known as "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" and has a bounty on his head worth mote than 1,250,000,000 Belis.

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