Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Ecto, The Ghost, The White Figure
Gender Male
Species Genetically Advanced Human
Status Alive
Alignment None
Likes Money, Himself
Dislikes Other people, not winning, Eklypse
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Jump City
Relatives Unknown
Allies None
Enemies Everyone (until they hire him)
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Ability to turn from solid to un-solid at will, can phase through things, martial arts and sword fighting skills, super-human strength, immune to poison and radiation
Weaknesses His ghost like powers run out if he uses them to much
Equipment Sword, hidden blades, hover bike
First Appearance Titans Earth: The Ghost

"Sorry, but I got disappear. You know what it's like being a ghost."
— Ecto talking to Titans Earth

Ecto is a ghost like assassin that is the arch-enemy of Titans Earth. He is an assassin for hire and will work for the highest bidder. It is usually the villains that have made enough money off bank robberies. Ecto has worked with Brother Blood many times and they may possibly have some sort of connection.

Ecto was part of the B.H.E.P or the Better Human Evolution Project. They kidnapped people and put them under tests that evolved them, but with negative side-effects. Ecto was kidnapped by the B.H.E.P and run under the Phasing Molecule Reconstruction tests, code-named The Ectoplasm Project or T.E.P. After T.E.P, Ecto was forever changed. He lost his memory of his past life and only cared for himself. He discovered his new abilities when he was trying to escape the B.H.E.P labs. He was also given super-human strength and was trained in martial arts and sword fighting.

When Ecto was finally released he became addicted to a thing called money. He got greedy and started robbing banks and filling out requests from wealthy villains. He then decided to become an assassin for hire that invested his money in equipment to help him fill out his job. One of those things was a hover bike (shown below). Ecto also realised that his powers had a limit and after using them for a certain amount of time, they had to recharge.

Ecto has battled Titans Earth many times after they defeated the villain Slade X. Now he is their sworn enemy and all of Titans Earth have vowed to take him down. He hates Eklypse the most and the feeling is mutual.

Ecto and his Hover Bike


Ecto's appearance is similar to that of a ghost's. He is dressed in mostly white with a hood that conceals the top of half of his head. He has bits of armor over his shoulders, stomach and calf. His gloves also have armor on the end of them for harder punches. Ecto has two belts, one around his waist and one around his upper-right leg. They both contain many gadgets which helps him in his missions. His suit is also genetically advanced so it will work with his abilities.

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