"I am...I am Echelon, I am... your end... "
— Echelon

Assasin by PIGSunit3d
Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases The Puppet, The crying Shadow
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Status Alive
Alignment None
Likes Nothing
Dislikes Knightmare
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Unknown
Relatives None
Allies Unknown Organization
Enemies Knightmare, the Titans (in some occasions)
Affiliations Unknown
Powers & Abilities
Powers Lesser shadow manipulation, Intangibility.
Weaknesses Unstable psyche
Equipment Long Knifes
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Echelon, also known as The Puppet, and The Crying Shadow, is a mysterious figure in the Teen Titans Universe. An unstable creature, Echelon is found in strange situations, appearing in places as the T-tower without explanation. His goals, background, and origin are unknown, leaving the question of who he is, open to inferences.


Echelon appears to wear a black suit that covers all his body. This suit is really tight to his skin, but doesn’t mark his facial and body features, he wears baggy knee-long green shorts. The most characteristic features of Echelon are the electronic wires and armor that cover his body. The wires and armor apparently cover his eyes and face but leaving the place where his mouth should be clear.


Echelon is known for his unstable psyche, as he may attack anyone without explanation, in an instance during a fight, he can easily tear apart his allies and later disappear. He is known to emit no sound for long periods of time, and sometimes even cry and speak about unrelated and rather random subjects. He is a living enigma, no proper explanation for his behavior is known. His movements are as unpredictable as well; sometimes appear to move as a marionette, looking as if being pullet by cords from above, and other times moving as a normal human being. He has shown dislike for Knightmare, who has expressed that, “Echelon surely is an experiment that went wrong”. Whatever this claim is based on fact is unknown. Echelon has been seen helping the Titans, just to later attack them, and later disappear. Echelon has stated the he works for a mysterious organization, but if this is truth or not, is up for discussion.

Abilities & Power

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