Eagle Blade's true identity is unknown


Eagle Blade stands 6" tall with flowing gray hair to his neck. He is semi muscular and will not cover his chest with his Ash grey button up shirt. He wears a brown jacket with hole in the back so he can allow his wings to come out. His wings have brown feathers covering them. He wears brown jeans with a belt to hold them up. He wears a pair of Brown cowboy boots which reach up to just below his knees.


Hundreds of years ago there was war. Magic vs. Mortals. The Mortals won. Being a child of a mage and a mortal he was cursed by the dying mage leader. When his parents died so would he. His parents where sentanced to death by the Mortals. His Mother used her life force to change the curse. His life connection was then connected to the Forest. Now he lives protecting it from humans.

He doesn't like to talk about it.  Currently he lives in a cave in the forest alone. He tends to wounded animals and protects the trees from fires and vandalism


Eagle Blade is very calm and relax. Anger is stored inside but he'll only release it by fighting. He doesn't let danger get in the way of having a good time. He lives in the forest with the animals. He likes to watch them and they don't seem to mind him being there. Although most still won't let them near him.


Flight- Eagle Blade can bring wings out of his back. This allows him to fly. Without the wings he can not fly.

Body reading- He can read a person or creatures body language.\ to tell what they are thinking. Even if they do not speak English

Speed: Blade can run at 5 MPH at a constant for up to 15 mins. Faster when being chased. While flying he travels at 36 MPH and can continue as long as he is well rested,

Strength: Although untested he has lifted large boulders weighing 200 lbs.

Imortality- As long as the forest lives. He can not die.

Eyesight- Eagle Blade has the best eyesight able to see for miles on end. He can switch how far he wants to see.


He has knives he uses to cut ropes and chisel.

Back in his cave he has multiple staffs he has carved. Some with engravings of animals.

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