"...I've been Framed,burned,cut and experimented on by robots I lost my old life and only the peace keeper can return it..."
— Dynamo X

Dynamo X
Vital statistics
Real Name carter stan
Aliases the peace keeper
Gender male
Species enhanced human
Status alive
Alignment evil
Likes fighting,insults
Dislikes being insulted
Place of Origin earth
Residence unknown
Relatives unknown
Allies The peace keeper
Enemies all titans
Affiliations peace keepers henchmen
Powers & Abilities
Powers fire an electric beam from his right eye
Weaknesses the same weaknesses as a human,water
Equipment none
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}
Dynamo X is one of the henchmen of The peace keeper and is loyal to him.The peace keeper has framed him for a crime he did not commit to capture him and force him to be experimented on.
Comic strip

kid lantern and dynamo X fighting!(comic strip)


hes blunt and very charismatic he can dish out insults but cant take em


Dynamo X

dynamo X full

Early life

he was a popular kid in school and he loved his life the peace keeper saw him as the perfect speciemen to experiment on so the peace keeper framed him for killing a police man.Then carter was on the run the peace keeper approched him and offered him the one evidence that could prove his innocence he gave in the peace keeper would give him the evidence when he has no more use for carter.They experimented on him changing his right eye with a robotic one that could fire an electric laser in an X shape and hes codename was dynamo X.

New Teen titans

The peace keeper sent him to attack them they had a tough time defeatinf dynamo but they found out his weakness water shorts out the eye.(more history will be added)

Powers & traits

laser eye:he can produce an electric laser from his right eye in an X shape

Athlete:in high school he was an athlete and is very fast,strong,flexible.


Human:he has the same weaknesses as a human

Water:Short out his robotic eye


Robot eye:inplanted by the peace keeper

no other items


  • "everything was taken from me!and if I kill you,he'll give it all back"
  • "my line between good and evil was erased when he took my life"
  • He is not from dragonball!


  • He's hair resembles vegeta from dragonball z
  • dynamo is an electrice generator

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