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Quiet and Timid when you first meet her but can always shoot a good comeback when wanted. She is very independent and came to earth when she was 12 because she was running away from her parents who always favored Blackfire, Starfire, and Wildfire. Has trust issues.


Was born the middle child and was either ignored or shouted at for not being as good as her siblings and ran away to earth at the age of 12. Born on the planet Tamaran.

Physical Apperance

Emerald green hair, bright green eyes, freckles, and pale white skin. Has 6 tattoos. One on her stomach of a dragon, two under her neck(one on right shoulder other on left shoulder) of dragon wings, a dragon wrapping around her right forearm, another dragon on her left thigh, and a cross on her left arm under her shoulder. Wheres an orange crop tank top with dark green armour that covers her tattoo, an orange mini skirt with a dark green belt thats connected to a gun holder on her left thigh.

Powers and Traits

  • Flight: Dragonfire (as well as other Tamaraneans) can fly under her own power, without the aid of wings or any other applications. In space, this flight can achieve speeds much faster than light. It is said that this is used by great happiness.
  • Firebolts(like starbolts)
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Language Assimilation: Dragonfire can learn any language instantaneously through lip contact.
  • Immense Agility

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