Vital statistics
Real Name Renee Pagonsen
Aliases Dovina
Gender Female
Species Peacera
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Peace ralleys, friends and doves
Dislikes Villains, Monsters and war
Place of Origin Peace Topia
Residence Herosquad Tower
Relatives Insainya her sister
Allies The team
Enemies Evil People
Affiliations Herosquad
Powers & Abilities
Powers The power of peace
Weaknesses War and bloodshed
Equipment The Tablet of Peacera
First Appearance Herosquad S.1 E.1

Grudge Girls


She has the abilities to create peace among quarling friends. She can sense when people are peaceful or like peace. That helps the team get new membors. She always tries to fight villains peacefully. She can also turn into a white dove. She tries to make as many friends as possible including Warmoger. She can usally calm him down, in fact she can calm most people down. She's imortal and she can teleport herself anywhere she wants

Physical Apearence

She is amd african-american with silky black wavy hair. She wears a white dress and white boots. She has a white crown that looks like a dove and no mask. And wrist legthed gloves that are white. In her human outfit she has a dark blue dress and sandles.


Birth:She was born on Peace Topia and raised by being taught peaceful ways.

Childhood:Her sister Insainya was born one day and learned to dislike their ways. She tryed to set her sister stait but it didn't really. Her sister got her powers to turn people crazy. They made her leave the planet and Renee volentered to go with her. Then they landed at the Herosqaud tower.

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