Doomed Titans is an animated TV show and sequel to Teen Titans. It will be aimed towards late teens and be alot darker than the original. It will recieve a PG-13 rating.


Taking place five years after the events of the original show. The Teen Titans have split up after the death of Robin's mentor Batman at the hands of a drug induced Slade. Robin took over the Batman helm, giving a more severe kind of Justice to Gotham City. Beast Boy now takes the name Changeling and is a hunted vigilante working in Metropolis. Raven has become a secluded insane woman living in a rift in space and time. Starfire now is a member of the Justice league and Cyborg is a superhero working to battle racism. But after the destruction of the Daily Planet, Metropolis is left in Chaos and with the Justice League missing Robin decides reform the Teen Titans and discover who was behind it and where Starfire is. But with gang crimes and racism on the rise, the Titans will need to face the toughest battle yet.

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