Dimension Black
Vital statistics
Real Name Jinx Dimentia "J.D" Dimension
Aliases Jinx, J.D., Dim, Black, Sizzy, (by sister)
Gender Female
Species Magidimensional (Other-Dimensional Human)
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Rocky Road ice cream, flying, being invisible, beating up thugs,
Dislikes Anyone who picks on her siblings, her parents, Titans Overworld, losing
Place of Origin Shadow City, Vomerica, in The First World, Dimension M
Residence Titans Underground Base
Relatives Vidia and Turion Dimension, (parents) Majora Dimension, (sister) Maddox Dimension (brother)
Allies None yet
Enemies None yet
Affiliations Titans Underground
Powers & Abilities
Powers invisibility, flying, controling and creating dimensions, teleportation, duplication, energy spheres
Weaknesses Her siblings, Powers are somewhat weak and limited
Equipment none
First Appearance Unknown


more info coming soon...

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