Delphi The Oracle
Vital statistics
Real Name Delphi Canzid
Aliases Music Mage, Prophetess, Oracle of Delphi, Delz [by Gris]
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Uknown [has amnesia]
Dislikes Uknown [has amnesia]
Place of Origin Uknown [has amnesia; London England told by Gris
Residence Ontario, Canada&nbsp
Relatives Gris [brother] rest is unknown
Allies Gris, Titans Northeast
Enemies anything evil
Affiliations Teen Titans, Titans Canada
Powers & Abilities
Powers Can predict the future
Weaknesses amnesia, reactions to fire, the rest is unknown [has amnesia]
Equipment Her headphones, extra loud amps, her high tech keyboard
First Appearance Oh Look. I Have Powers That I Never Even Wanted.

Story and History

Delphi's Amnesia

Not much is know about Delphi since she lost her memory in an unknown accident. She cannot remember anything since waking up in prison with her 12 year old brother Gris. All she knows is that Gris is her brother and she is a member of Titans Canada

What Gris Says

Gris is Delphi's brother so he knows about her past. Some of it, anyways. He says Delphi lost her memory from being attacked and knocked out by Lenion's Parents' forces. That's all he can tell. "Delphi needs to know the rest on her own", he quotes. So he doesn't tell the rest. Young Gris is found out that he is Delphi's brother but he hasn't known her until recently.


Delphi can only see into the future. She did not know that Lenion's parents were going to attack Titan's Canada though. Gris says she did not know because there was a force stopping Delphi from telling the future. Once Delphi had recovered in prison, her powers had returned.


Delphi cannot even remember her weaknesses. Gris says Delphi has bad reactions to fire. Sometimes Delphi gets knocked out because of her amnesia. Gris also says the reason she gets knocked out is because the future collides with the past, forming a war inside of her brain, which than allows her to faint.

Weapons And Gadgets

 Delphi's Headphones

Gris says that Delphi's headphones were found by a local music store. Delphi had found them and used them for her own. Since Delphi can see into the future, the prophecy comes from her brain and the words go into her ears. Using an amp in the central room, the others can hear her prophecy. Her headphones ar W-Fi so they do not need a cord to get to the other titans' communicators.

Delphi's Amp

Delphi has a special minuture amp plugged into her communicator and a bigger one in her room. Her mini is also Wi-Fi so she can speak prophecies using it. The minuture amp can be used for prophecies and fighting. For fighting, see below.

Delphi's Electric Keyboard

Delphi's key weapon is her electric keyboard. It is wireless so it can be used with her communicator and other amps, like if she is inside and sees that an attack will be made on the tower, there is an amp outside so she can attack the outside from inside.

Again I did NOT draw the picture.

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