Vital statistics
Real Name Harold Percius
Aliases Deathbow, The Assassin of Death
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Likes His bow, money, assassinating
Dislikes Losing, crowds of people
Place of Origin Gotham City
Residence Unknown
Relatives Helena Bertinelli (A.K.A: Huntress, Close Friend) Crossbow (A.K.A: Paula Bertinelli, daughter)
Allies No-one, unless they pay him to assassinate someone
Enemies No-one, unless he is hired to kill them
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Skilled with a bow, acrobatic and flexible, strong, sharp-eye, quick-thinking.
Weaknesses His daughter
Equipment His bow named the Heart Piercer and his quiver of arrows. His white mask
First Appearance Titans Earth: Daddy Issues

"Well done Heart Piercer. That was a perfect shot!"
— Deathbow talking to his bow.

Deathbow (A.K.A: Harold Percius) a psychotic assassin. He was a good friend of Huntress (A.K.A: Helena Bertinelli) and father of Crossbow (A.K.A: Paula Bertinelli). He kept his life as an assassin a secret from Helena but when he struck his head while on an assassination mission, his mind was lost. Harold started to show psychopathic tendencies and a love of blood, violence and murder. Helena called Arkham Asylum and it was there he was tested and kept when they found out he was a psychopath. The police thought it was strange that Harold suddenly became mentally unstable with no records of being so. They looked into it and found out that he was living a double life as an assassin which was related to a string of killings. After that Helena broke all connections with Harold and adopted his baby daughter, Paula, while Harold stayed in Arkham Asylum.

In the time that Harold was in Arkham he became friends with the villain, Red Hood. Red Hood taught him a more about being a better assassin. One night, Red Hood had planned an escape with Harold and they were successful. A few weeks later when Red Hood and Harold had regained their weapons and had a hide-out, Harold tried to murder Red Hood in his sleep but Red Hood was ready for him. Harold went on the run and changed his name to Deathbow and named his bow the Heart Piercer and was hired left and right and has still been undetected by the police. All this while, Helena was raising

Later when Huntress worked with Batman to hunt him down they were successful and he was put back in Arkham Asylum. He escaped later when his daughter, Paula, better known as Crossbow, when she was helping the Teen Titans track him down in Jump City. That was when Crossbow found out about Deathbow being her father. She defeated him and was made an honorary Titan. Later, Deathbow hunted down Titans Earth which Crossbow was the team leader of. Crossbow struck out on her own and everyone tried to stop her and they managed to defeat Deathbow together.

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