Vital statistics
Real Name Death Necrosis
Aliases Death the Soul Reaper, The Grim Reaper, the Soul Collector
Gender Male
Species Underworlder
Status Undead
Alignment Evil
Likes Souls, skeletons, darkness
Dislikes Light, the living
Place of Origin The Underworld
Residence Silent Castle
Relatives Trigon (Brother, deceased), Lunaron (Brother), Lucy Luna (Sister in-law), Raven (Niece), Eklypse (Nephew)
Allies Lunaron, Trigon (deceased)
Enemies The Arch-Angel
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Ability to steal others souls, necromancy
Weaknesses The Living Light
Equipment The Scythe of Abandoned Souls
First Appearance Titans Earth: Work of the Devils

— Death

Death is the ruler of the Underworld. He is responsible for collecting the souls of the people who have died. Every 5000th soul he collects makes him stronger. He has two older brothers, Lunaron and Trigon. He is the weakest of three. Him and his brother, Lunaron are planning to finish off their brother's work and avenge his death. Death is trapped in the Underworld because he got a curse put on him by the woman he loved which turned out to be a witch. His arch enemy is the Arch-Angel who is working for Rayella the Sun Goddess.

Death first appeared in the episode, The Work of the Devils, where he was seen through a death flame who threatened Titans Earth after they defeated his army that he has a very powerful partner to help in his evil plan. This episode starts to reveal Lunaron and Death's plan to finish off Trigon's work.


Death is a decaying skeleton and he always wears a black cloak. His eyes are as black as black can get except for a piercing green dot in each eye. His magic is a deathly, glowing green which is why his pupils are green. He always has his legendary weapon with him, The Scythe of Abandoned Souls. A sharp metal blade attached to a long bone and it glows green when Death uses it.


Death is necromancer so he has all kinds of dark and evil abilities. Some of them are:

  • Ability to steal people's souls at will
  • Ability to possess any living creature
  • Use a Death Flame to look into the past, the future and the present.
  • Can use a Death Flame as a communicator to anyone willing to listen to a Death Flame. Technically, the Death Flame changes it's shape to look like a skull and Death can speak out of the Death Flame.
  • Fill anything, non-living and living, with pure evil and command to his every bidding
  • Immortality
  • The ability to shape-shift into any living creature, but only as a skeleton of that creature. (Unless it's a crow)

Those are just a few of his powers. He can do all this with the power of his scythe which is filled with a thousand evil, corrupted and tortured souls. He can also use his necromancy without his scythe but he prefers to use his scythe.

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