Vital statistics
Real Name Kara Day
Aliases Daylight
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes Parents, friends, flirting
Dislikes Losing Mother, Failing Father
Place of Origin Watchtower
Residence Watchtower
Relatives Lance Day (Father)
Shawna (Mother)
Allies Project
The Rebels
The League
Enemies Sarla
Affiliations Project
Powers & Abilities
Powers Healing wounded and absorbing energy
Weaknesses Faith
Equipment Mothers necklace
White Lantern Ring
First Appearance The Rebellion

Kara Day is the future daughter of Lightning Lord and White Lantern

Physical Appearance

Kara is 5"3 with short white hair and bright blue eyes. Due to a lack of food in the future she is slightly anorexic. She normally wears a white tank top and brown shorts.


Kara inherited her Mothers personality. She is mostly care free however she has a slight worry she will lose her parents. 


After the death of Supergirl at the hands of Sen-El, Lance and Shawna conceived a child. During labor Shawna went into a coma. Without the White Lantern Utopia was able to overtake the Project, The Justice League, The Titans, and the World. The Ring removed itself from Shawna and attached to Kara. As she grew up she saw her Father go into depression from his ill choice. His love for Shawna was redirected and he did everything he could to raise Kara. Kara learned to fight and control her powers. Cyborg and Jaime used a Lexbot in order to retrieve a younger version of the Project. After the victory Shawna, Lian, and Lace returned with the team to the present.

Powers and Abilities

Energy absorption- Able to store large amounts of energy. However unlike her father it comes out when she uses her healing powers.

Healing- She was born with a natural healing ability. However her powers do not work on herself.

Martial Arts- Due to the living conditions all members of the Rebellion were taught a high level of martial arts. 

Pain Tolerance- Due to multiple injuries while fighting Utopia, Kara is able to endure alot of pain.


Future Lance: Her Father who she wishes to see happy. She leaves him in order to start a new life away from the destruction of the Earth

Lance: Even though he's not much older then she is she still treats him like her father. She believes him to be the strongest fighter due to knowing his future self. However he is not as well trained and this sometimes confuses her.

Shawna: Not knowing her mother, Kara talks to her mother about everything. She feels safe while around her and idolizes her for her strength.

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