David Hydro
Vital statistics
Real Name David Hydro
Aliases Waterboy, Skinny Kid, Akari Prince
Gender Male
Species Akari
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Water, Animals, Bananas
Dislikes Evil, Demons, Doctors
Place of Origin Aquari Mariana
Residence Soar City
Relatives Mother and Father (deceased)
Allies PreTitans, Teen Titans, Most of Aquari Mariana
Enemies Doctor Kelp Isol, Death
Affiliations PreTitans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Magic
Weaknesses Broken Staff
Equipment Akarian Staff
First Appearance PreTitans
David is the leader of PreTitans.


David is 4'10". His hair and eyes are blue. David's hair is messy and covers part of his forehead. David has 2 Aquarian marks just under his eyes.

His outfit consists of a blue shirt with 2 white pads on his arms. He also has blue shorts and white boots worn by Aquarians only. His boots have 3 stripes on each of them. David sometimes wears a white cloak with a hood.

His sleepwear consists of a blue robe with the letter D on it. He also has a different shirt for when he flies. This consists of a pair of dark blue goggles with a blue cloak.

When David turns Akari his pads are replaced by gloves and his eyes become fully blue.



Powers and Abilities

David has a list of many spells.

  • Booshock- David summons 3 ghosts. The ghosts circle around the opponents while shocking them.
  • Aqua Body- David turns into water.


  • David is twelve years old. (Born on March 15 2001)

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