"We're in the dark now, and the dark is my element."


Jack "Darkness" Lloyd is an Honorary Titan and the current leader of The Mavericks. He is arrogant and is the eldest of four sons.

Vital statistics
Real Name Jack Lloyd
Aliases Darkness
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Active
Alignment Neutral
Likes Himself, family
Dislikes High places, Mafia
Place of Origin Bellville, South Africa
Residence White River, South Africa
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Slade
Affiliations The Mavericks, Teen Titans.
Powers & Abilities
Powers Healing Factor, Super Strength, Flight, Intangibility, Invisibility, Power Absorption, Umbrakenisis
Weaknesses Arrogance, Vertigo, Decapitation
Equipment Two katanas, Pistol, Revolver
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Early life:

Jack Lloyd was born in Bellville in South Africa's Western Cape Province. When he was two he moved to White River where his Ghost was adopted and Rogue and Maverick were born. He attended a private school but escaped to Jump City at sixteen once his powers emerged and his hair turned white and his eyes black.

Arrival in Jump City and Apparent Death:

Upon arrival in Jump City, he decided to make quick money off his powers, creating a suit and took the moniker 'Darkness' after his ability to blend in with the dark, he tried a bank heist, the Teen Titans intervened and he had to leave empty handed. He attacked the Teen Titans at the Tower, the battle quickly escalated to the roof where Darkness was knocked out and fell down to the sea surrounding the Tower. This lead to him developing vertigo.

Infiltration of the Mafia, under Titans Protection and Honorary Titan:

Two years later, Darkness resurfaced as Ty and infiltrated Jump City's Mafia under the leadership of Sal Callavera. Ty had collected enough information for the police department but was attacked by Sal's hitmen, Ty was forced to kill them and fled. He was placed under the protection of his old enemies the Teen Titans,who were oblivious to him. Sal sent Slade after him. Slade showed up at the Tower and fought the Titans, Jack snuck off and donned his old suit, he aided the Titans in defeating Slade and once he explained his story, he was made an Honorary Titan.

The Mavericks:

Darkness sought out other meta-humans. After forming the teen Titans South Africa, they got bored, switched names and moved to Jump City

Powers & Abilities

Powers: Darkness has the ability to heal from virtually anything, he posses super strength, flight, invisibility, intangibility, umbrakenisis and to temporarily use the powers of anyone he touches.

Weaknesses: Arrogance which leads him to under estimate his opponents. He will die if his head is decapitated and is allowed to bleed out before he reattaches it. He suffers from vertigo and does not fly very high.

Abilities: He is a third dan black belt in karate, an experienced swordsman and a marksmen.


  • He is a Christian from the Methodist church
  • He was romantically linked to Blackfire
  • He distrusts Robin and thinks he is "Too stiff and uptight."
  • He dislikes Raven for her demon heritage

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