Cyber Lass
Vital statistics
Real Name Haruka Matsumoto
Aliases Haru
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Video Games, Anime, Manga, Cherry Blossoms, the beach, Dumplings
Dislikes Making enemies, Wasabi
Place of Origin Kamakura, Japan
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Relatives Unknown
Allies Titans of the Orient Pearl
Enemies Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Powers & Abilities
Powers Technopathy
Weaknesses Technological Dependence
Equipment Various gadgets
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Cyber Lass is the current leader of Teen Titans Kamikaze.


Most of Haruka's ancestor were great people from great generals to great statesmen. Her father is Yuudai is a captain of a renown cruiseliner and her mother, Sakura is the prime minister of Japan. Haruka's mother frequently encourages her to pursue her dream, to be a psychologist. Haruka feels that her mother occasionaly suggest to follow her and her ancestors' footsteps and her uncle Shin often preaches practicality and enter the world of business just like him.

Powers and Abilities

She has the ability to manipulate technology at will and do various stuffs with it. When she discovered her powers, she first use it for her own benefits such as giving her online game character infinite damage (which led her to being banned in said online game), loaded long youtube videos in seconds and watched them without buffer and gave a very old model of cellular phone wifi capability. Depending on the power's usage complexity, she becomes more exhausted and can only use her powers certain times a day but when she uses her powers to alter only aesthetics, she losses no energy. She can't create technology with her powers so sending her to the stone age is a nightmare as she can't manipulate technology "that doesnt evolve electricity or electronics".

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