Deadly and cunning, Crow is Raven's male counter-part and a force to be reckoned with.

Crow Age: 14


Airren, MakeshiftRaptor, Cy-beam, and Blazefire. Raven(Post villain)


Crow has all the powers of Raven. He also has the power to summon his inner emotions to aid him.


Evil. (Then good) He relaxes and summons his rage emotion to finish the job. (Cancels out all rage when he becomes a hero)


Half-Human, Half-Demon


Jump City, Alternate Reality


Crow is very smart and strong. His trickiness helps greatly when in tough situations. Just like the other Teen Terrors, he was teleported into the Titans world while fighting Captain Charisma.

Main Enemies

Teen Titans, and Captain Charisma. Teen Terrors(Post villain)

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